Fuel Pump - Mechanical


  • To replace a mechanical fuel pump, remove the inlet and outlet lines at the pump.
  • Use a plug to stop the flow of fuel from the tank.
  • With the correct size socket wrench, remove mounting bolts. Then, remove the pump from the engine.
  • Clean the old gasket material from the engine block.
  • Apply gasket sealer to the mounting surface on the engine and to the threads of the mounting bolts.
  • Install the new gasket, then position the pump by tilting it either toward or away from the block to correctly place the lever against the cam.
  • If the pump is driven by a pushrod, the rod must be held up to permit the rocker arm to go under it.
  • When the pump is properly positioned, there should be an internal squeaking noise with each movement of the pump.
  • Tighten the mounting bolts firmly.
  • Attach the inlet and outlet lines, start the engine, and then check for leaks.