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Repairing A Radiator

Most radiator leak repairs require the removal of the radiator from the vehicle. the coolant must be drained and all hoses and oil cooler lines disconnected. bolts holding the radiator are then loosened and removed.

The actual radiator repair procedures depend on the material of which it is made and the type of damage. Most radiator repairs are made by radiator specialty shops that employ technicians with knowledge of such work. If the radiator is badly damaged, it should be replaced and the installation of a new one should be done as directed by the manufacturer.

Many of today's radiators have plastic tanks, which are not repaired. If these tanks leak, they are replaced.

Cleaning A Radiator Core

Radiator cores are made of copper or aluminum. If the fins of the core are in good condition, a restricted radiator can be disassembled and rodded out by a radiator shop. Rods are forced through the tubes to clean them out.