Brake Drum


Scored drum surface/Bell-mouthed drum/Concave drum/Convex drum/Hard spots on the drum/Threaded drum surface/Heat checks/Cracked drum/Out-of-round drum

In every case, road test the vehicle after any brake work to make sure the brake system is working safely and properly.When servicing wheel brake parts, do not create dust by cleaning with a dry brush or compressed air.

  • Reassemble the brakes in the reverse order of disassembly.
  • Try the fit of the brake drum over the new shoes.
  • If not slightly snug, pull it off and turn the star wheel until a slight drag is felt when sliding on the drum.
Using the other side of the brake gauge to set the brake shoes.
  • A brake preset gauge makes this job easy and final brake adjustment simple.
  • Then install the brake drum, wheel bearings, spindle nuts, cotter pins, dust caps, and wheel/tire assemblies, and make the final brake adjustments as specified in individual instructions in the vehicle's service manual.
  • Torque the spindle and lug nuts to specifications.