Control Module


  • Electronic and computer controlled ignitions use transistors as switches. These transistors are contained inside a control module housing that can be mounted on or in the distributor or remotely mounted on the vehicle's fire wall or another engine compartment surface.
  • Control modules should be tightly mounted to clean surfaces. A loose mounting can cause a heat build-up that can damage and destroy transistors and other electronic components contained in the module.
  • Some manufactures recommend the use of a special heat-conductive silicone grease between the control unit and its mounting. This helps conduct heat away from the module, reducing the chance of heat-related failure.
  • During the visual inspection, check all electrical connections to the module. They must be clean and tight. The wiring insulation should also be intact.
  • Look for evidence of burning. if there is, check the coil ground strap.
  • Not all damage can be seen, so test the control module to be sure that it is working properly.