1987 Dodge Diplomat 5.2L 2BL 8cyl

The Hub Bearing Torque - Front

If Torque Specs are not in the box we recommend youtorque to this setting. Axle Nut: Tighten adjusting nut to 20-25 Ft/Lbs -Back off adjusting nut 1/4 turn.Finger tighten adjusting nut while rotating wheel,then align nut lock with cotter pin slot and installcotter pin.Flange Bolts: N/A.Wheel Studs: 90 Ft/Lbs. WARNING: Failure to observe the following warningscould create a risk of death or serious injury.Proper maintenance and handling practices arecritical.Always follow installation instructions and maintainproper lubrication.Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure theaccuracy of the information contained in thiswriting, but no liability is accepted for errors,omissions or for any other reason.This information is not intended to substitute forthe specific recommendations of your vehiclemanufacturer.Always use the recommended torque requirement unlessotherwise specified in the carton.Depending on the application, type of hub unitbearing and location, the installation process mayvary.Please review the vehicle manufacturer'srecommendation before removing or installingcomponents.

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