Simoniz/Pops-A-Dent repair kit

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Part Number: MPAD-4
Alternate Part Number: MPAD-4
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In Stock
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Part Number: MPAD-4
Weight: 1.103 lbs
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    Simoniz/Pops-A-Dent repair kit


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    4 reviews

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    This review is hidden because you have chosen to ignore Member 1731446350. Show DetailsHide Details

    Good in theory...

    I suppose this system would work on golf ball sized pings on a broad flat surface with ample room to secure the plunger and assemble the screw attachment but it didn't do squat for what I needed. The remaining gobs of glue on the dent was a pain in the ass to get off and I scratched the paint trying, (even with a plastic scraper!) If any of the dent did pop out it certainly popped back in with all the force applied to try and get the glue off. I even got cabinet handles with flat surfaces and tried gluing those to the dent...but had the same results, whatever popped out popped back in after trying to get the glue off. For the size of dent I had it was more realistic to use a deflatted basketball that I squeezed up between the outer dented body wall and the inner structure of my truck then I inflated the ball with one of those roadside compressors that plug into the cigarette lighter. Didn't take long before I heard the metal crack and a big pop! Way easier in my opinion and it didn't leave any crud on my vehicle. Still needs bondo but not nearly as much!

    Pros: Can't think of any...

    Cons: The glue gun trigger broke on the third squeeze

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    This review is hidden because you have chosen to ignore Member 1589924255. Show DetailsHide Details

    worked great for large dent

    A deer ran into the driver's side door of my wife's car while she was driving home from work, leaving a sizeable dent, and also causing the outside door handle to not function properly. After finding that a couple local autobodies were booked for weeks, took a trip to autozone to give this a shot (for $20 its at least worth a try).

    Following other suggestions in these reviews to thoroughly clean the dented area and wipe with alcohol, along with the included instructions, I set out to try and remove the dents.

    My first attempt was a failure and did not budge the dent at all. I almost gave up but decided to give it a second try. This time, I used much more glue, to the point that the glue was overflowing the plastic pad that is pressed onto the body of the car, which surely would get better adhesion than my first attempt with less glue. After some twisting of the nut when using the bridge device, a portion of the dent popped out!

    I continued a few more times until a significant portion of the door had been corrected. I was even able to open and close the door with the outside handle!

    I will note that a couple of the parts that I glued to the car did break, but the 3 that were included in the kit were sufficient to fix most of the dent, and I am very satisfied with the result. In my case, the dents were severe, so the result does not look like a brand new door, but it certainly fixed the majority of the dent and even allows for the outside handle to function as it used to.

    Totally worth the $20 and the time.

    If you do try this, make sure to clean the surface, use plenty of glue, and wait the 8minutes before trying to 'pop' the dent. For larger dents you might also skip the bridge altogether, put in in backwards with the pads facing you and then tug on it once it is glued on. that worked for me when I was in a position that did not work well for the bridge, as the pads would have been on an area that I already 'popped' out.

    Very happy and surprised with the results.


    Pros: removed majority of dent

    Cons: none

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    This review is hidden because you have chosen to ignore Member 390319144. Show DetailsHide Details

    Pops a dent Does Work!!!

    1 of 1 people found this helpful

    This product actually works. i looked at several you tube videos where nay sayers were performing tests and showing it to fail. I say they were doing it incorrectly or wanted it to fail. I used the product with no expectations for 20 bucks. I had a dent on my front right passenger side on the side above the wheel well of my 2006 infiniti m35. I followed the instructions to the letter. Lo and behold i was shocked the dent popped out. The only problem was not the whole dent, so it has to be done a couple of times in different center areas where the dent remains. once all areas are raised the dent is gone."note" you may have to change to smaller puller as the dent begins to come out and the left over area gets smaller. It pulls with less strength and allows you to shape the area. The product is so strong on one dent i pulled one of the pullers broke in half but still pulled the dent. This product works and for the cost vs having a pro do it...its not even close... buy two you may need it at a later time. I also had a dent on my trunk area...i used a small puller and voila...the dent popped right out just as advertised. i would have enclosed pics but i pulled them before i wrote this review and you would only see an after and not a before.

    Pros: easy to use,low price

    Cons: dent pullers need more strength, and should include 1 oversized puller about the size of a 50 cent piece for larger dents.

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    Edited on 7/30/2014 by Editor


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    This review is hidden because you have chosen to ignore Member 483229167. Show DetailsHide Details

    there's a trick to this- clean the tools!

    3 of 3 people found this helpful

    The biggest complaint about this kit is how the glue stays stuck to the panel and the dent is still there- there's a trick to make it work right- This actually worked on several business card sized dents on my BMW. The trick to getting it work well is to make sure you clean the dent with alcohol and prep the plungers by scuffing them lightly and wiping them down with alcohol too.

    Lots of glue, press hard and rotate it to make sure the glue gets in there, and wait 10 minutes or so, then try it.

    It should hold tight and break loose with a big POP and the glue will likely be stuck to the tool-you know you got the maximum adhesion out of the panel when you do that.

    if there is glue, scrape off the residue with a nylon scraper, then heat it slightly with your heat gun and remove the rest with solvent or goo gone.

    remember- scuff and clean the suction pads for this to work at it's best

    Pros: actually works on smaller dents and creases

    Cons: none for the cheap price

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