Shark/ISSE ISSE / Size 70 white super snow tire sock C50070 - Read 1 Reviews on Shark/ISSE #C50070

Shark/ISSE Tire Snow Sock

Part Number: C50070
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Price: $ 129.99
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Features & Benefits

Snow socks re textile covers for tires that provide safety and increases traction in snow and ice conditions. These unique patented socks are made completely of fabric, will not damage tires or the road, and will not cause vibration, increasing driver safetly in extreme conditions

  • Sold in pairs
  • For use on cars, SUV's, minivans and four wheel drive vehicles
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Includes gloves and storage bag to easily store in your trunk
  • 100%highly resistant polyfin material
  • Performs as good as traditional tire chains with many more benefits
  • Snow Socks meet TUVA standards, Europe's highest standards
  • 14" (215/80R14; 245/70R14; 265/70R14). 15" (195/80R15; 195/85R15; 205/80R15; 215/75R15; 215/80R15; 225/70R15; 225/75R15; 235/70R15; 245/70R15; 255/65R15; 275/60R15).16" (195/75R16; 205/70R16; 205/75R16; 215/70R16; 225/65R16; 225/70R16; 235/60R16; 235/65R16; 245/60R16; 265/60R16).17" (185/70R17; 195/75R17; 215/60R17; 215/65R17; 225/60R17; 225/65R17; 235/55R17; 235/60R17; 245/55R17; 255/55R17).18" (215/55R18; 225/55R18; 225/60R18; 235/50R18; 235/55R18; 245/50R18; 255/45R18; 255/50R18; 275/45R18).19" (245/45R19; 255/45R19; 275/40R19; 285/40R19; 345/30R19). 20" (245/40R20; 255/40R20; 265/40R20; 275/40R20; 285/30R20; 285/35R20; 295/35R20; 305/35R20).21"/22" (245/35R21; 265/30R22; 265/35R21).
Detalles del producto
Número de refacción: C50070
Peso: 4.4lb
Rim Size - 20 in.
Tire Width - 295 mm.
Tire Height - 35
Style: Super
Color: White
Size: Size 70
Attachment Method: Stretch over tire
Reusable: Yes
Washable/Non-Washable: Washable
Material: 100% highly resistant polyfin
Speed: Maximum Speed between 25 - 30 MPH
Información de envío: La entrega al día siguiente y el envío en dos días no están disponibles para los apartados postales, APO/FPO/DPO o direcciones en territorios de los Estados Unidos.
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    Shark/ISSE/Size 70 white super snow tire sock


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    1 review

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    Impressive traction, confidence inspriring during severe weather days

    I found the textile Snow Socks to be a great product, this is the third set I have purchased for several different vehicles. When the roads turn icy, slushy and snowy, I take 5 minutes and install these textile traction devices. They are durable and they easily store anywhere in my vehicle and I have added a durable waterproof storage bag for when I am done with their use, to keep the car clean. They are easy to clean and store for the off season. There is a limited speed range for this product (25MPH), and you must not exceed this speed or you can spin your Snow Sock off of your vehicle and then you have to go back and retrieve it...Driving style change is Required...I Cannot goof off and do cookies or power-slides in the snow with these installed. When the pavement turns dry, they can only be driven a short distance, since they wear rapidly on a dry surface, so remove them in this circumstance and they will last a long time with proper care. The braking capabilities in close-quarter urban traffic is awesome! I do not feel stressed when other vehicles are nearby on a slippery surface, inspires confidence in adverse conditions. I have driven over 3000 miles total for all three sets of this product, the Super or HD version is the type I have purchased, I am completed impressed and will continue to tell others of this amazing product!!

    Pros: Simple to use, easy to store and clean. Traction is impressive

    Cons: limited speed range (25MPH)


    Snow Days are fun and I have no doubt I can make...


    Close up view, Snow Sock is self-centering and...

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