Duralast Power Steering Pump 63101 - Read 3 Reviews on Duralast #63101

Duralast Power Steering Pump

Vehicle Specific

Part Number: 63101
Features & Benefits

Every unit is tested and inspected to ensure that they meet or exceed original equipment specifications. All components are 100% inspected using calibrated measuring equipment and then re-manufactured or replaced with new. This guarantees that the finished unit will always meet or exceed our customer expectations.

  • Bushings and bearings are inspected and replaced if necessary
  • Shafts are precisely measured, center less ground and replaced if not to specification
  • Cam pack rings are resurfaced or replaced if necessary
  • Painted to help protect unit in harsh road conditions
Product Details
Part Number: 63101
Weight: 8.95lbs
Notes: With reservoir
Remanufactured. This part is only supplied with the primary reservoir and not the secondary remote reservoir. "IMPORTANT: To improve longevity of system, manufacturer recommends installing in-line filter to catch excess contamination, part number 70702"
Housing Material: Cast Iron
Mounting Hardware Included: No
Package Contents: Power Steering Pump, Installation Kit
Power Steering Outlet Size: 16mm X 1.5
Power Steering Pump Inlet Attachment Type: Clamp
Power Steering Pump Inlet Quantity: 1
Power Steering Pump Outlet Attachment Type: O-Ring
Power Steering Pump Outlet Quantity: 1
Power Steering Pump Style: P Series
Power Steering Reservoir Cap Included: No
Product Condition: Remanufactured
Pulley Attachment Type: Press on
Pulley Included: No
Reservoir Included: Yes
Shipping Information: Overnight and Two Day shipping are not available for PO Box, APO/FPO/DPO or US Territory addresses.
This product may be shipped directly by the vendor to any eligible US addresses, excluding APO/FPO/DPO or US Territory addresses.
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    Duralast/Power Steering Pump


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    6 reviews

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    Installed over 4 years now

    I installed this P/S pump over 4 years ago and have put about 30,000 miles on it. No problems, no leaks, no noises, no steering issues. Recommended, especially considering the lifetime warranty.
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    Leaky junk

    I am doing this repair on my parents van and I will keep this short. The first one worked for about a day, then started leaking badly and I mean badly. It looks like it was leaking from where the body of the reservoir is 'crimped' together. Changed that one to reman pump #2. This one lasted a week or so and started leaking as well. About a quart a week or so, not nearly as bad as the first one but come on this is terrible. They actually drove it around like that for several months now but I am facing doing this a third time now. Considering the full day job to swap these things out and I am coming up with new adjectives to describe Autozone on a daily basis. Good luck if you go this route, I am thinking of getting a new pump this time around but dread the return process to get the money back from this fiasco.

    Pros: none

    Cons: Leaks

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    This review is hidden because you have chosen to ignore Member 1324163877. Show DetailsHide Details

    Pump works and is quiet.

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    2000 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3 "G" Flex

    Of the 2 previous reviews I can't say I agree with either person. Yes you can remove the cat converter to do this job, however I think it's much easier to remove the pass side axle instead of dealing with exhaust and rust. That's what I did. It IS a big job for DIY. Also, the reman pump out of the gates seems fine. It's quiet, not leaking, and providing assist.. I did the lines while I was there. ATF +4 is the fluid of choice based on my research. It is a mess and VERY hard to keep things clean when getting the pump up in place. I left rubber plugs from the new pump on until pump was up resting on PS pump bracket. Run as much new fluid you can through the system.

    Read more to see how NOT to have to do the job TWICE.

    I have a SnapOn CJ117C puller that I used mainly on GM's, but it is not big enough for the Chrysler. So I tried using a universal pulley puller with the 2 half piece and the sleeve deal-e-oh. Thrust button the pushed against the pump shaft is too round. I found it very hard get the puller in straight and even when I did it just didn't feel right.. So I can't recommend enough to use the Snap On puller CJ124 (Chrysler and Older GM's I found). I borrowed one from a friend. Totally worth it if you can buy, borrow, or rent one. I like the SnapOn installer too..

    While re-installing I noticed cracks in the body of the original pulley. Then I found that Doorman has a replacement pump pulley, but there were notes saying you need a belt that is 2 inches larger. So I gambled and re-used the original instead of dealing with different belt sizes going forward.. BIG MISTAKE! I think the added stress of re installing the original pulley and the first time the pump had load on it caused the pressed in center part spin inside rest of the pulley. Makes a funny chirping noise.

    I took all back apart again and I opt'd to use the Doorman 300-101 pulley cause only one Dodge dealer in the state had one and it was Friday and it was not close to me. Turns out the original size belt works with the Doorman pulley anyhow. There is enough travel with the factory tensioner. Maybe on an aftermarket tensioner it may not work if the travel is not the same. Also, the larger pulley does make it very tight to maneuver around the PS Bracket as it scraped on the rear cooling lines. Maybe if van has no rear heat it won't be an issue.

    My suggestion to do one of these in a Caravan is "if" time is NOT an issue is get a OEM pulley (5281262) coming and just plan on replacing it once the pump is out cause I was told $22 retail at the dealer and that's not too bad of a price. Plus, you won't have to question belt sizes or clearances or do it twice like I had to. If you want to fix ASAP, get a Doorman 300-101 from AZ and try the original size belt. I searched for a few hours on the web and I could not find any answers if the original belt would still work or what the new belt would be. Only found a few guys asking the question. If your tensioner just does not have enough travel, I was prepared for trying the belt for the same van WITHOUT A/C. If you look at the specs the original belt size WITH A/C shows Effective Length (in):96.85. The specs on the belt for vans WITHOUT A/C show Effective Length (in):98.43. Pretty close to the 2" the notes say you need.

    Hope this helps some people out !!

    Pros: Good price.

    Cons: Big messy job on Caravan.

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    This review is hidden because you have chosen to ignore Member 355258985. Show DetailsHide Details

    tread lightly

    By far one of the hardest repairs on my van to date....
    Remove serpentine belt
    You have to remove this unit thru the exhaust well... so the catalytic converter has to be removed
    Use a pry bar to remove exhaust from middle hanger
    Disconnect rear O2 sensor from wires
    disconnect front exhaust pipe from muffler
    Remove 4 bolts attached catalytic converter to exhaust flange
    disconnect power steering fluid lines from back of pump using flare nut wrenches (expect a mess)
    I replaced the lines as well. if you do not replace the O-rings
    Remove the back L-bracket bolts. from the pump
    Use a box end wrench to remove 3 bolts from under the pulley on the front side
    Pump can only come out via the exhaust tunnel
    use the PS pulley puller from rent-a-tool. clean and carefully inspect plastic pulley for cracks.
    The 300-101 pulley sold by everyone is 1.5" in C larger than the original. If you have the after market dual spline serpentine kit this pulley will NOT work. I had to purchase a replacement at the dealer
    with the new pulley installed position the pump and install the L bracket and bolts FIRST loosely
    then install the three front bolts and torque all.
    Attach to power line and reservoir line to the pump and attach the serpentine belt.
    fill res. with fresh fluid and with the return line in a bucket turn on the van
    have someone continue to add fluid as you turn the steering wheel lock to lock until clean fluid is leaving the return line.
    Add a PS filter midline if desired...Attach the return line
    put the exhaust back on using new bolts at the exhaust flange end..
    Have fun.... note these AF pumps make a bit more noise when the wheels are fully turned. This is normal for the rebuild in my experience.

    Pros: worked perfect

    Cons: first one was damaged OOB.. Very challenging R&R for home

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    Edited on 9/12/2014 by Editor


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