12 Volt Socket Adapter

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    1-19 of 19 Results

    About 12 Volt Socket Adapter

    Power and Entertainment on the Road

    Do you ever find yourself having to juggle multiple electronic accessories in your vehicle including phone chargers, GPS cords and audio players, but you find that there just aren't enough plug-in options, so something has to go without power? Most vehicles come equipped with a single 12 volt adapter, commonly known as the cigarette lighter. While it can be used for cigarettes, many drivers are expanding its use as an electronic adapter for entertainment items. With only one adapter, though, using multiple electronic devices at once can become a hassle. Instead of juggling many cords, why not choose from one of the best 12 volt socket adapters for cars and trucks available at AutoZone? Socket adapters make it easy to power all your internal and external electronic accessories, so your drive goes as smoothly as possible.

    Value and Selection

    When selecting the right socket adapter for your situation, consider what you'll be using it for. The electric system in your vehicle likely runs on 12 volt power from the battery, which is much different from the 120 volt AC power available from most household outlets. A power converter is therefore necessary to ensure electronics are getting the right amount of voltage. AutoZone stocks converters that are designed to provide consistent power for all your devices without overdoing it or undercharging. Adapters with multiple sockets are available for all your additional charging needs. USB sockets make it convenient to plug in cell phones or small electronics for a quick charge, while larger 12v devices can be inserted into the wider cigarette lighter type of power converters. Some adapters plug into existing hardware, while others connect directly to the battery to provide high-power for external electric devices. Whether you're looking for a big-budget power converter for all your electronic needs or you're satisfied with simply replacing an existing faulty converter, you can trust AutoZone to have the lowest prices on 12 volt socket adapters.

    Get the Right Parts the First Time Every Time

    If you search up “the best 12 volt socket adapters near me,” your search engine is sure to bring up AutoZone as a leading provider in quality parts. With a huge selection both in stores and online, it's easy to get the right part for your vehicle. When you're not sure what to look for, a helpful AutoZone parts expert is available online or in store to ensure you're getting exactly what you need every time. Everything from maintenance parts, repair parts, tools and accessories for upgrading your vehicle are available at discount prices to ensure you get exactly what you need without emptying your wallet. Browse the extensive online collection and enjoy quick delivery on thousands of quality parts, or stop in at your local AutoZone for same-day pickup.