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Wagan 12/24 Volt Socket Extender

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Have you ever wished that you just had a few more feet of DC electrical cord? Wagan Tech has the answer, the 12V/24V DC Socket Extension! It works with all 12V and 24V electrical systems, so it will surely fit your application. With its weatherproof rubber cover and generous 12 foot cord, the 12V/24V DC Socket Extension is one valuable yet inexpensive investment for your outdoor lifestyle! The 12V/24V DC Socket Extension was designed to be used in conjunction with your vehicle’s DC accessory socket (aka the cigarette lighter plug) or from a power supply such as our Power Dome line. The 12V/24V DC Socket Extension is designed to be tough enough to handle heavy loads, while being compact and easy to use. The 12V/24V DC Socket Extension is capable of being mounted with the supplied threaded nut to nearly any flat surface including a truck bed, vehicle dashboard, or panel. The required minimum diameter of the hole is 1-1/4-inch (31.75mm) with a maximum material thickness of 7/16-inch (11mm).
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    Voltage: 12V & 24V
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    Replaceable Fuse Protection: 15A
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    Power Indicator LED
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    Wire Gauge: 18AWG
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    Certification: RoHS
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    Weatherproof Socket Cover
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    Panel Mount Ready
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    Heavy-Duty Design
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    Length: 12 Feet (144 inches)