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1-3 of 3 Results


      Power Converter

      Power You Can Use

      The best power converters cars and trucks convert battery DC power to AC power your electronic devices can use. Without converting the battery power into a form your devices can use, your electronics won't be able to run. A converter allows you to plug in your electronic device like you would at home and use it as normal. DC power is unidirectional while AC power uses alternating currents to deliver electricity. Converters make the DC power mimic that of the AC by creating square waves through rapid polarity switching. The converters can connect to the cigarette lighter or 12V accessory outlet for light-duty applications or the fuse box for heavier-duty applications. Make sure you have a fuse available in the fuse box if using the power converter that way to avoid a hazardous situation.

      Watch What You Want

      A power converters near me search gives you the location of your nearest AutoZone store. Entertainment is a main reason for people to install a power converter in their vehicles. DVD players, laptops and cell phones allow you to watch what you want or play your favorite game. Unfortunately, they need a steady stream of power to operate. While they have batteries, eventually those batteries run out of juice leaving you without a functioning device. A power converter is ideal when you need cell phone battery, but your battery starts failing or you forgot to charge it before leaving the house. Simply plug it in and use as normal. The converters are handy for those who work on the road and need access to their laptop while on a job site or work place without electrical connections. With many people using their vehicles as a part-time home office, the need for a reliable power source is necessary. Power converters help you get the necessary power to conduct business wherever you go.

      Prices You Can Afford

      Find the lowest prices on power converters at AutoZone. From friendly, knowledgeable staff to low prices, we are your auto parts headquarters. Save money on everything you buy using our member rewards program and standard low prices. We offer free shipping for items not available in our store. We want to be your one-stop shop for auto parts and accessories. Find the fuses you need and all the power connecting accessories you want right in the store. Our sales associates are car people who enjoy helping you find the right part or accessory for your needs. To keep your car working properly, check out the OEM specs for your alternator before choosing a power converter. The alternator powers the battery that powers your devices. You want to make sure the battery and alternator are up to the task to deliver the additional electrical output to power your devices. Avoid a problem by checking prior to purchasing the accessories.