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IDQ Recharge Hose Adapter Valve

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A/C Pro244747
Part # DVA-1
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Part #DVA-1
SKU #244747
Refrigerant TypeR134A
R-134a Recharge Hose Adapter allows the safe use of older, piercing style, A/C recharge hoses with R-134a cans that are fitted with self-sealing valves. Simply screw on the adapter to the can and then screw the hose onto the adapter and you're ready to start the regular recharge instructions found on your can of R-134a. Note: this product is not for use with R-134a cans that require piercing.
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    "Connects piercing-style recharge hoses to self-sealing cans" or "For use with self-sealing valve cans" or "Compatible with piercing-style accessory gauges" or "No tools required" or "Not for use with R-134a cans that require piercing"