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1-24 of 42 Results


      AC Oil

      AC compressor oil lubricates the air conditioning system to prevent the compressor from seizing up and breaking. Fortunately, you can avoid that fate by shopping AutoZone for the new AC oil for cars and trucks, when it's time for a change. Our inventory includes top brands such as A/C Pro and Santech.

      Why it matters

      Loss of lubrication is the most common cause of air conditioner compressor failure in your vehicle. A refrigerant leak can also lose AC oil, putting your compressor at risk as well as making your car blow warm air. Usually, it can leak out at critical points such as hose and pipe connections or the compressor shaft seal. Of course, leaks aren't the only potential cause of problems. Blockages in an expansion valve or orifice tube can hinder both oil and refrigerant from circulating, leading to a damaged compressor.

      Types of Compressor Oil

      Polyalkylene glycol, or PAG, is a fully synthetic hygroscopic oil made for automotive compressor components. PAG oils are used in newer vehicles, and some come with viscosity designations. Ester oils are also synthetic lubricants, durable enough to handle high and low temperatures and usually come in only one viscosity. Also, they're typically used in AC systems retrofitted for R134a refrigerants.

      You can find out what type of oil your car needs by entering the year, make, model, and engine of your vehicle at the top of this page.

      What are the viscosity levels?

      Many AC compressor oils for sale have different viscosities. For example, a PAG 46 has the most popular viscosity level, and a PAG 100's viscosity is the most common. A PAG 150 oil isn't very popular because it requires a specific type of compressor by GM that was manufactured throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. The vehicle lookup on this page will find a product with the correct viscosity which works with your car.

      Get in the Zone With AutoZone

      AutoZone offers the best prices on AC compressor oil and everything else you need to keep your vehicle's climate control system running in great shape. From refrigerants and compressors to switches and control modules, we have the parts and fluids for any maintenance or repair.

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