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A/C Oil

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 Many drivers understand how important refrigerant is within a vehicle's climate control system. Yet A/C oil is a little understood component that's just as vital to your air conditioning's proper function. Without a proper level of lubrication, your risk your compressor seizing up and breaking down entirely. Fortunately, you can avoid that fate by shopping AutoZone for the best A/C oils for cars and trucks. Our inventory includes top brands such as A/C Pro and Santech.

The Importance of A/C Oil
Loss of lubrication is the most common cause of air conditioner compressor failure. A refrigerant leak can also seep out precious A/C oil, putting your compressor at risk as well as robbing you of cool air. Usually, it can leak out at critical points such as hose and pipe connections or the compressor shaft seal. Of course, leaks aren't the only potential cause of compressor lubricant problems. Blockages in an expansion valve or orifice tube can hinder both oil and refrigerant from circulating, leading to a dried out and damaged compressor. Many air conditioner first charge products contain lubricant as well as refrigerant, but there are times in which you may need a separate A/C oil replacement.

Stay Cool When Temperatures Soar
You searched for “A/C oils near me” and found AutoZone's extensive inventory of PAG oils. Polyalkylene glycol, or PAG, a fully synthetic hygroscopic oil made for automotive compressor components. PAG oils are used in newer vehicles, and some come with viscosity designations. Ester oils are also synthetic lubricants, durable enough to handle high and low temperatures and usually come in only one viscosity. Also, they're typically used in A/C systems retrofitted for R134a refrigerant. Your vehicle's manufacturer will mention the specific oil type it requires, but you don't have to worry about finding it when you shop at AutoZone. Check out our selection with oils from respected brands like A/C Pro and Santech. Each oil is industry compliant, engineered to meet OEM specifications and extend the life of your air conditioner's compressor.

Get in the Zone With AutoZone
AutoZone offers the lowest prices on A/C oils and everything else you need to keep your vehicle's climate control system running in great shape. From refrigerants and compressors to switches and control modules, we have the parts and fluids for any maintenance or repair. Don't forget about our Loan-A-Tool service, which gives you quick access to specialty equipment that isn't normally in your toolbox for up to 90 days. Getting what you need for your project is simple. Just pick out your tools online or at a local AutoZone, then pay a small deposit to either pick them up or have them shipped directly to your door. Don't forget that our AutoZoners are also at your friendly neighborhood store ready to give you expert guidance.