A/C Stop Leak

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    1-16 of 16 Results

    About A/C Stop Leak

    Nothing transforms the driving experience like air conditioning on a hot day. If you slip behind the wheel and find that the temperature is just as hot inside as it is outside, you have an air conditioning problem on your hands. Some AC stop leak can help get your AC back on track so you can enjoy the cool air again.

    What is It?

    Many drivers and car owners want to know, what is an AC stop leak, and does it work? This is an additive for dealing with refrigerant leaks. The system uses refrigerant to cool air which can then be circulated around the cabin. Refrigerant can leak out of small cracks in the line or other components. Sometimes these leaks can be fixed by simply replacing a component that is leaking, but sometimes replacing a given part can be cost prohibitive, especially on an older car. That's where AC stop leak comes in.

    Symptoms of a Refrigerant Leak

    The most common sign of a leak is if your car is blowing hot air. You might find that the temperature inside your car is the same as the temperature outside or even that it's a few degrees hotter. This difference in temperature usually occurs when you leave the windows up because the sun beats down on the car and warms the hot air, which is trapped inside and unable to rise. Some of the other symptoms include the following:
    - Even after charging the AC, it doesn't produce cold air.
    - You only feel cool for a few minutes or hours after charging the system.
    - Less cool air flows through the car's vents.

    When to Use AC Stop Leak

    The AC stop leak acts as a sealant. Once you add the substance to your AC system, it runs through the lines and fills in any gaps that it comes across to seal the leaks. It is not a permanent solution, though, which is why you should always check what it will take in order to replace the leaking component before deciding to go the additive route.

    Pay attention to the air that comes through the vents. If the air pressure seems low or you notice less cool air coming through, you may have a leak. Depending on how often you use your car's air conditioning system, you may go through two or more cans every year.

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