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1-6 of 6 Results


      Odor Eliminator

      No Unwanted Smells

      The best odor eliminators for cars and trucks keep your vehicle's cabin smelling clean and fresh. The environment has many odors that you don't want to smell inside your cabin. If you live in a city, smog, ozone and car exhaust are some of the more common odors you encounter driving around town. If you smoke or had someone in the vehicle who smoked, the smell of cigarettes can linger in the system even if you thoroughly cleaned everything else. Due to the way the ac system is designed, mold and mildew can grow inside the system. Each time you open the vents and run the system, environmental odors and particles can enter the system and make a home in there. Those odors then move into the cabin. Replacing the cabin air filter along with using an odor eliminator can take care of those unwanted odors for good. Treating the odors is better at removing unwanted odors than simply covering them up.

      Easily Eliminate Odors

      A quick search for odor eliminators near me pops up your local AutoZone store. Air fresheners in the car can help keep things smelling good, but they are often a temporary fix to a bigger odor issue. Enter the odor eliminator. The simple container uses a hose to connect to your ac system. The odor eliminator takes care of those long-lasting odors that don't seem to go away. By working through the ac system, odors caused by bacteria are eliminated where they've taken root. These odors don't go away by cleaning the interior. When there is a smell lingering and you've thoroughly cleaned your car, it may be time to use an odor eliminator. The extra step keeps your ride smelling fresh. No more covering up unwanted smells. Those nice-smelling air fresheners still provide a handy way to enjoy pleasant smells. Eliminating the odors makes sure you can smell the air freshener you've installed.

      Total Car Clean

      AutoZone has the lowest prices on odor eliminators around. The money savings can help you eliminate unwanted odors. Take the clean to a new level with additional cleaning products. Hang an air freshener or plug one into a car vent for pleasant smells while you drive. Wash the exterior with sponges, tire cleaner, wax and good car wash and enjoy the head-turning shine as you drive around town. Shampooing your carpets, vacuuming the floorboards and wiping down the interior eliminates any unwanted smells not coming from the ac vents. After all, you want to enjoy your ride wherever your drive. Not to mention, passengers may not want to ride with you if your ride smells funky. Smells like mold can aggravate some people's allergies making them even less likely to want to ride with you. Get everything you need to have a clean, fresh smelling car inside and out.