R134a Refrigerant

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1-24 of 33 Results

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Need to recharge your vehicle's air conditioning? Learn how in 8 easy steps


R134a Refrigerant

R134a is a powerful, gaseous refrigerant that your vehicle uses to keep the cabin interior cool all year round. If your cabin is a little warmer than you’d like, it is likely time for a recharge. Buy R134a gas online and pick up your AC recharge can in an AutoZone near you today.

Re-charge your vehicle's air conditioning system and keep the cold air flowing with R134a refrigerant. This cooling agent ensures that your ride's AC system is working properly. A telltale sign that your system is not working properly and in need of a recharge is if the system blows hot air while the AC is on.

R134a, like most refrigerants, is a fluid that can easily be boiled into a vapor and condensed back into a liquid. Your vehicle’s AC system uses evaporation and condensation to cool your cabin air.

The AC compressor moves refrigerant around the system’s components, and compresses the refrigerant molecules into a smaller volume, converting kinetic energy into heat. The refrigerant, now hot and dense, is routed to the condenser, where fans blow across the system lines to cool down the refrigerant. The process is very similar to blowing on hot food to cool it off. R134a condenses as it cools, so it then is sent to the evaporator where it is made back into a vapor again.

R134a is hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant, making it chlorine-free and a greener alternative to earlier air conditioning refrigerants, like R22, that cause ozone depletion. R134a boasts great chemical stability and is non-flammable—and it’s powerful too. We even carry refrigerants that can help eliminate common leaks in rubber hoses, gaskets and O rings that could ultimately result in AC failure. If you need something more heavy duty, check out our selection of AC stop leak products.

With products from brands like AutoZone, we have R134a recharge kits to fill your cabin with cool air again. Buy R134a refrigerant online and use our same day store pick up option to recharge your AC fast.