Air Blow Gun

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    1-10 of 10 Results

    About Air Blow Gun

    Detailing Made Easy

    Regardless of how meticulous you are when it comes to cleaning up your ride, you're bound to miss a spot or two without the right tools on hand. If you're planning on performing a full detail, having an air blow gun on your side will make the difference between an almost completed job and a finished, pristine cleanup that you can really admire. AutoZone offers the lowest prices on air blow guns of the highest caliber, so you can finish up your detailing job for less.

     Diverse Uses

    The most common use for the average auto air blow gun is for finishing up interior detailing jobs. A short, powerful blast of air helps to free hidden debris from nooks and crannies inside a ride's cabin so they can be properly whisked away via vacuum and other tools. However, this is by no means the only use for these versatile tools. Some heavy-duty options are also built to serve as an excellent drying tool for the exterior of cars, trucks and SUVs. The same burst of air that removes dust and crumbs from between seats works just as effectively to dry up water in those hard-to-reach places such as window seams, door cracks and the hood and tailgate or trunk hinges. Using the tool in this way helps to avoid dripping during the drying process, meaning you'll have a more uniform, pristine-looking ride by the time you're done drying. If detailing and styling aren't your main concerns, then rest assured that this tool is still a must-have. Some blow guns are even qualified to act as inflators, allowing you to add air to tires in a few quick, easy steps.

    Choose Your Tip

    When it comes to auto repair and maintenance, one size rarely fits all needs. The same concept holds true with your average blow gun – or at least for the tip you're using. This is especially relevant when inflating is concerned. Different objects will require a different sized tip in order to inflate properly. Fortunately, alongside some of the best air blow guns for cars and trucks on the market, AutoZone offers a selection of easy-to-use blow gun tips, which allow you to inflate any tire on your list with ease. Having a variety of tips on hand is also useful while detailing or drying because they give you better, more direct control over the size of the area you're blowing air into.

    Find Your Air Blow Gun Today

    Search “air blow guns near me” to find your local AutoZone store and head in to check out your options. Whether you're looking for a small interior detailing tool or prefer something more heavy-duty, our expert store associates can help you sort through your options so you find the perfect tool for your auto maintenance needs.