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1-6 of 6 Results


      Air Chuck

      A Tool for Every Tire Repair Kit

      Having a good tire inflation kit on hand is always a good idea. However, if your kit is only half complete, you're won't be getting the best performance out of any of your tools or the best results when the time comes to fix or inflate a tire. Every kit should include an air chuck, a part that helps to control the flow of air in and out of your tire's core via a valve, making the inflation process easier and safer. At AutoZone we offer the best air chucks for cars and trucks around so you can find the perfect fit for your repair kit in no time.

      What an Air Chuck Does

      Simply put, the average air chuck is a tool that helps control the flow of pressure into a tire via the core. The chuck's valve is its most important part. It's this piece that opens and closes as needed in response to pressure coming into the tire's core from the air pressure line, allowing you to inflate a tire while keeping an eye on your gauge. When the air passage isn't in use, the chuck's valve seals it closed, keeping air inside and preventing more from moving in. When using a direct air line with no gauge, a closed valve should be used. An open air chuck should be used when an air line gauge is in use, as it creates an open passage between line and core, which is crucial for correct gauge readings.

      Types of Air Chucks

      As is the case with any good part, there are a wide range of air chucks to choose from. Typing in “air chucks near me” will reveal a huge number of different options in AutoZone's online stock. These include straight "push on” air chucks, clip-on ball foot air chucks, ball foot air chucks and lock-on air chucks. The straight, push-on options are perhaps the most straightforward, and are pressed directly into the tire's valve after being attached to the gauge. Lock-on chucks do much the same, but have an additional lever that, when flipped, locks them in place and makes them more secure during the job. Ball foot air chucks feature a long metal arm with a rounded piece at the end that contains the all-important valve, while the clip-on ball foot model appears the same but has the added convenience of a clipping mechanism that holds it firmly in place while in use. Each option has different measurements and benefits that you can discuss with our expert associates at your local AutoZone store.

      Great Quality, Low Price Tag

      We offer the lowest prices on air chucks to ensure you always have access to the essential tools for DIY car maintenance. Head to your local AutoZone store today to view our selection of air chucks and other high-end products to build the home mechanic's arsenal of tools that you've always dreamed of without breaking the bank.