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1-16 of 16 Results


      Air Cut-Off/Grinder Tool

      The Right Tool For the Job

      A die grinder is useful for smoothing out rough edges, cleaning rust off metal parts or making cuts with a cutting wheel. Compare the features of air die grinders, angle grinders and electrical grinders. AutoZone has the lowest prices on air cut-off tools and a large selection of replacement cutting and grinding wheels.

      Pneumatic and Electric Grinders

      Shop the best air cut-off tools for cars and trucks from Dewalt, Titan and Vaper. Affordable and functional OEM tools and sets are also available. We sell air grinders and cut-off tools that rely on pneumatic power or compressed air to reach a specified number of rotations per minute and electric models. Some users find that electrical devices may run hotter, vibrate more and weigh more than air-powered models. Choose from a variety of designs and sizes of cut-off and grinder tools with a range of RPM ratings

      Check the specifications of any grinder or cut-off tool. Keep in mind that it may be necessary to purchase certain brands or designs of grinding and cutting wheels for the tool you choose. Once you decide on a tool or replacement wheels, arrange to pick up your order in store or have it delivered to your door. Next day delivery may be available for some grinders and cut-off tools in addition to bonded abrasive grinding and cutting components.

      Replacement Grinding and Cutting Wheels

      We stock a variety of bonded abrasives designed for grinding and cutting applications. Grinding wheels are available with a range of thicknesses and grains. We carry high-quality grinding components made of aluminum oxide grain. Choose wheels that are compatible with the grinding nose on the tool you use and that have a suitable RPM rating and grit for the application.

      Cutting wheels are made of aluminum oxide or ceramic metal and come in a range of thicknesses. A durable composition enables you to make smooth cuts without burrs. If you attempt to make a cut with the wrong wheel, the cut may be rough and the wheel may become damaged and require replacement. Depending on the brand and type of wheels you need, it may be possible to order these components separately or in sets.

      Low Prices On Tools and Parts

      You can get a great deal on a new cut-off tool or grinder when you shop in store or online at AutoZone. Compare the features, prices and reviews of tools and replacement wheels online. Search for air grinder tools near me to find out which items are in stock at the nearest location. Order tools and parts for store pickup or arrange to have the items you need quickly and affordably shipped to your home. Some tools and components are eligible for next day delivery.