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1-2 of 2 Results


      Air Hammer Components

      Make a More Effective Air Hammer

      If you've gone from using hand tools to an air hammer, you know how much time and effort you can save. Its ability to produce thousands of strikes in a minute greatly reduces the work you have to put into a project. Like most power tools, your air hammer is only as good as its attachments. The best air hammer components for cars and trucks increase the versatility of this effective piece of equipment. It's like getting a new tool without paying full price.

      What Are Air Hammer Components?

      You probably known that an air hammer is a pneumatically powered tool that uses air to produce strikes with the tool end. An air hammer generally comes with two or three useful components that cover its most common uses. Chisel ends are perfect for busting up rusted bolts or rough shaping metal car parts. When you need to knock out a few rivets, punch attachments power them out much faster than a hand punch. However, if you searched "air hammer components near me," you may not be familiar with the purposes of other tool ends. After chisels and punches, pickle forks are the most common air hammer components. Named for their resemblance to a pickle-selecting utensil, these attachments end in two metal prongs. They're one of the best tools for separating ball joints, wedging open Pitman arms, and spreading tie rods. Different forks are used depending on the size of your vehicle and its corresponding parts.

      What Do You Need in Air Hammer Components?

      AutoZone only carries high-quality air hammer components, but it's important to know what characteristics you need. These attachments should be made from heat-treated tool steel to provide strength and long-term durability. The forks typically require attachment shafts to work with your air hammer. These give you a secure fit and add extra length for difficult-to-reach joints. Pickle forks have different shapes and sizes for their various jobs. It's best to measure your car or truck's parts before buying these attachments. You might also find that one shape is better for one job or another, so double check the prong arrangement if you have a preference.

      Quality Products for Less

      AutoZone knows that you want to get the job done, but you need to stay under budget. We help you out by providing some of the lowest prices on air hammer components on the internet. You can save even more by taking advantage of our free ground shipping on higher cost orders. If you need it fast, you can skip searching the aisles by buying online and picking it up at your local store. However you decide to get it, we want you to have effective and reliable tools. AutoZone only offers high-quality parts and tools from the best brands.