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1-2 of 2 Results


      Air Hammer

      The Power of Air Hammers

      For many at-home mechanics, air tools mark the transition from occasional tinkerer to full-on gearhead. Once you have your air compressor, you have a whole world of pneumatic tools for serious work. The best air hammers for cars and trucks reduce the amount of work you do and get it done faster. Open up your possibilities with these powerful and versatile tools.

      What Is an Air Hammer?

      This simple pneumatic tool uses compressed air to power the head of the tool. The head can be a chisel, punch, or a simple hammer face. You squeeze the air hammer's button and it delivers thousands of blows per minute. While you could always use a hand hammer and chisel, it's like comparing a manual screwdriver to an electric driver drill. You save your hands and time by using the power tool. Is something rusted beyond removal? Break it off in seconds with an air-powered chisel. Knocking out the rivets on a riveted ball head is easier with an air hammer than a hand punch. Anything stubborn that needs a good whack can be done faster and better with this reliable pneumatic tool. You can even get extra attachments such as a pickle fork to separate ball joints and tie rods.

      What Should You Look for in an Air Hammer?

      These power tools should be built to last from heavy-duty steel and aluminum. A chrome finish prevents rust and looks professional. Soft-grip handles dampen the felt vibration and insulate your hand against the cold of the compressed air. Multiple tool heads allow for easy switching between cutting, punching, and hammering. You should consider buying additional attachments if you want to increase the versatility of your air hammer. Weighing only a few pounds, these air tools are actually lighter than some hammers. Since you don't need an extra hand to hold the chisel, the air hammer also allows you better access to hard-to-reach jobs. AutoZone has some of the lowest prices on air hammers anywhere. Find high-quality tools while keeping your costs down.

      Low Prices With the Best Prices

      You can search the internet for "cheap air hammers near me," but you can't find our combination of quality products and outstanding customer service anywhere else. Get your favorite brands for some of the lowest prices around. AutoZone makes it easy for you to grab the right products with convenient services. Avoid waiting in line and searching the aisles by buying online for in-store pickup. If you want it sent directly to you, we offer ground shipping for free on orders over a certain total. We also show our love by rewarding you with money back after your big purchases. It's easy to make mistakes shopping online, so AutoZone removes the hassle of returns by letting you do it at your local store.