Air Hose and Reel

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    1-20 of 20 Results

    About Air Hose and Reel

    Get the Most Out of Your Air Compressor

    Air compressors are versatile pieces of equipment that help keep your shop clean, inflate tires, and power pneumatic tools. While many compressors are mobile, their convenience comes down to the delivery system. The best air hose and reels for cars and trucks let you reach every part of your shop and keep your compressors neat and orderly.

    Why Should You Get an Air Hose and Reel?

    The right hoses and reels increase the utility of your air compressor. The most important characteristic of an air hose is its length. Longer hoses are excellent for reaching under, over, or around vehicles while shorter hoses are ideal for small workspaces. Bigger is generally better, although there is a such thing as getting a hose that's too long. Obviously, you don't want a hose that's going to take more room than is necessary. Another concern is that ultra-long air hoses need reasonably powerful compressors to provide sufficient air pressure. Unless you have a mini compressor or huge workshop, most hoses are adequate. Many at-home mechanics don't use air hose reels, but these items pay for themselves in the long run. They allow you to keep your area organized by reeling even lengthy hoses into tight coils. Reels also protect hoses from being stretched or punctured by keeping them out of the way. You even make your shop safer because coiled hoses can't trip feet or snag arms.

    What Qualities Do You Need From an Air Hose and Reel?

    If you're already searching for "air hose and reels near me," you're probably wondering what to look for in these pieces of equipment. While 50-foot hoses are the most common, AutoZone has air hoses as short as 4 feet and as long as 250 feet. Made from thick rubber or PVC, they are strong enough to perform and durable enough to last. Recoil hoses are a good option if you don't want to mess with a reel. The gauge is a little smaller to facilitate the shape, but they're convenient for workstations and don't kink. Reels should be made from a sturdy material with a smooth coiling action.

    The Right Products With Helpful Service

    We know you're looking for great quality, outstanding deals, and personal customer service when you shop for automotive products. AutoZone ensures you get what you want starting by stocking our shelves with only your favorite brands. While they may be top-shelf brands, we feature some of the lowest prices on air hose and reels on the internet. Our in-store associates are always ready to help, and we can answer any questions you have by phone, email, or our website's chat feature. You can even order your air hose and reel right here and skip the line at your local AutoZone. We also offer convenient delivery options.