Air Impact Wrench

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    1-15 of 15 Results

    About Air Impact Wrench

    Speedy Removal

    The best pneumatic impact wrenches cars and trucks easily and quickly remove lug nuts. Pretend you are in your favorite NASCAR driver's pit crew every time you change a tire. The speed and ease of the pneumatic impact wrenches makes quick work of lug nuts. Sure, you could use a standard removal method, but why would you when your pit crew dreams can be at your fingertips. Be careful if using the impact wrench for putting the lug nuts back on. Too much torque over tightens the lug nuts. Over torqueing can cause the threads to strip or stretch. The tools offer up to 100 feet of torque to remove stubborn lug nuts. The lug nuts hold on the tire but sometimes they become stripped or stuck. Using an impact wrench makes removal easier. Make sure your air compressor properly functions before using the impact wrench. The right oil, filter and regulator keep both the tool and the compressor in top shape. Don't let your NASCAR pit crew dreams die because of an air compressor issue.

    Immense Torque

    Pneumatic impact wrenches near me searches locate your nearby AutoZone store. The air powered tools often provide more torque than electric impact wrenches. These handy tools are not only for removing lug nuts. Use them anytime you have a high-torque situation. A hammering mechanism inside creates immense torque. Quickly deliver strong concussive blows where you need it. Simply attach to the hose on your air compressor and get started. The immense torque capabilities give off a whirring sound that is quite loud. Wear hearing protection while using the tools especially if in an enclosed space or garage. Use the handy tool to loosen other bolts and nuts with minimal effort around your shop, car or home. The options for loosening stuck on nuts and bolts are endless.

    Local Store

    For the lowest prices on pneumatic impact wrenches, look no further than AutoZone. Not sure which impact wrench to buy? Ask our staff to give you the run down on the different brands. They ask questions to make sure you go home with the tool that is right for your purpose and budget. Need replacement parts for your air compressor or more pneumatic tools? AutoZone has everything you need to maintain and repair your vehicle. Take your pneumatic tools with you on the road with a portable air tank. Find more tools such as ratchets, spray guns and hammers to make working around your home, garage and car easier and faster. Outfit your garage for less money from auto parts to accessories to tools. We care about our customers. Beyond knowledgeable staff, we offer tool rentals, a reward program and free battery check. Cruise over to your local AutoZone store to find out what we are all about.