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Air Nibbler

Make Tight Cuts Every Time
When it's time to get serious, do your serious metal cutting with an air nibbler. Air tools go beyond automotive basics such as ratchet sets and electric screwdrivers. If you need to do some hardcore adjustments to your machine, you need the best air nibblers for cars and trucks. These air-powered tools let you tackle modifications that wouldn't be possible with your grandpa's tools.

What Is an Air Nibbler?
The name is the perfect description of what this tool does. A nibbler chews through materials such as cold rolled steel, aluminum, plastic, and tin. The name comes from the action of the tool, which doesn't slice like saws or snip like sheers. A sharp punch cuts through tiny chunks of material, producing a line like it's cutting. Hand nibblers use a manual squeezing action while air nibblers are powered by compressed air. The main advantages of nibblers are the type and size of cut they create. You often hear them compared to jigsaws for the precise and intricate cuts nibblers can produce. If you need a tight shape, nibblers are more effective. The tool punches out a larger section of metal than you would get with a saw or shear, helping remove excess material from both sides of the cut. The biggest downside is the tiny, sharp chips the nibbler creates. Have a plan to catch and clean up the waste material. Nibblers' cuts are sharp and burred, blunt them to avoid injury or damage to finished surfaces.

What Qualities Should You Look for in an Air Nibbler?
Your biggest concern when searching for "air nibblers near me" is the speed of the nibbler. While 6 feet per minute may not sound fast, it's quick enough for the precision of the cuts you create. You should also take a look at the gauge of the material with which you typically work. Nibblers can't punch through incredibly thick metals, but they can handle most steel automotive panels with ease. The cut radius should be adequate unless you need an extremely tight circle. Find a durable brand with a reputation for quality such as Ingersoll Rand from AutoZone.

Get a Superior Air Nibbler for Less
Use your nibbler to chew through sheet metal and plastic in no time. Our online service feature lets you pay for your items on the website so you can walk right into the store to pick your order up. We aim for quality products with quality service both online and in person. AutoZone doesn't just provide exceptional tools; we offer some of the lowest prices on air nibblers. You can continue to save money by taking advantage of our free shipping offer for larger orders. Our AutoZone Rewards program gives you credit back when you make purchases at our stores or on our website.