Air Regulator Valve and Lubricator

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1-7 of 7 Results


      Air Regulator Valve and Lubricator

      Top-Quality Products at the Best Prices

      Whether you're doing a full restoration on your vehicle or you keep an air pump on hand for your maintenance and repairs, you depend on high-quality air-powered tools to get the job done. A malfunctioning air regulator valve isn't just a minor inconvenience. It can stop your work in its tracks, leaving your project unfinished and maybe you without a working vehicle. When your air regulator valve stops working, come to AutoZone. We stock the best air regulator valves and lubricators for cars and trucks from trusted brands like Arrow Pneumatics, Puma and Ingersoll Rand. 

      Your Source for Air Regulator Valves

      Likely you're here on our website because you searched for “air regulator valves and lubricators near me.” AutoZone stocks vital essentials such as Ingersoll Rand's Air Regulator Valve and Lubricator. As both a regulator valve and lubricator in the same product, it solves two problems at once. It not only swaps out your faulty air regulator valve but also provides consistent lubrication. This model was designed specially to help air-powered tools last longer and require fewer repairs. Also, take a look at our Puma Regulator Valve and Lubricator, designed to extend the life of your tools and remove both debris and moisture from their air lines. With its regulator, element and locking pressure knob, you get a consistent flow rate for your pneumatic tools and enjoy dependable performance.

      Everything You Need for Your Auto Projects

      Sure, AutoZone has the lowest prices on air regulator valves and lubricators. While you're here, be sure to grab everything else you need to finish your restoration job. Choose from our selections of portable tire inflators, air inflation needles, air compressor lubricant, spray guns, air tanks and any other air-powered equipment. We also stock specialty paints including engine, epoxy, brake caliper, high-heat and enamel paints.

      Get in the Zone With AutoZone

      Maybe you're not restoring a beloved vehicle. Perhaps you need to swap out worn brake shoes or replace faulty rotors. Or you need to perform an oil change, replace a dirty air filter or install a new battery. Whatever you need to get back on the road, AutoZone's got it. Check out our inventory packed with thousands of parts and accessories, which let you complete any job for less with our everyday low prices and affordable shipping options. Even if you're not an experienced DIYer, don't worry. If you need assistance changing your wiper blades, your exhaust smells like rotten eggs while your vehicle's idling or that pesky “check engine” light's on your dashboard, our experienced AutoZoners can help. Order today and get it delivered right to your door or pick it up at your friendly neighborhood store. Don't forget that you can track your order on our website 24/7.