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1-4 of 4 Results


      Coalescing Air Filter

      Cleaner Air for Better Performance

      Considering the investment that so many auto repair hobbyists and professionals put into their air tool inventories, it makes sense that you would also want to invest in products that can help protect and enhance the operation of those tools. An air tool is only as good as the quality of air it works with, so make a trip to AutoZone to pick up some of the best coalescing air filters for cars and trucks. We can help you learn how to install your new air filters as well as maintain them for greater longevity of your air tools.

      Removal of Contamination

      A coalescing filter works by separating any oil or water aerosols out of the compressed air used by your air tools. These oil and water aerosols can be harmful to your air tools and even lessen their life expectancies. Oil and water can come from moisture condensation, compressor lube oil, carbonized oils and even solutions that come from different oils interacting with each other. It can be time-consuming and sometimes impossible to purchase compressed air without these oil and water aerosols, so one of the most important things you can do as an air tool owner is to pick high quality coalescing air filters. We at AutoZone are happy to offer a variety of options showcasing the lowest prices on coalescing air filters.

      Efficiency of Filtration

      The coalescing action comes from the design of the air filter itself, which can collect aerosol contaminants by way of diffusion, interception and direct impact. As the oil and water aerosols are captured by the filter, their tiny liquid drops coalesce and bind to each other to form larger drops of liquid. This liquid becomes heavier than the air around it. The liquid then flows to the bottom of the filter housing and may be drained out. For further information on how individual coalescing air filters can work with your particular air tools, stop by AutoZone and consult with our experienced staff to find the right filter for your needs.

      The AutoZone Commitment

      There are more than 5,000 AutoZone locations across the United States, so the answer to your question of “Where can I find coalescing air filters near me?” can be easily answered with a visit to our website or mobile app. If you prefer, you can also send our friendly team an email or make a call to our toll-free number for advice and directions to your nearest store. We are proud to offer a wide selection of professional-grade coalescing air filters, both in our stores and online for delivery. No question is too small for our knowledgeable staff, so a quick visit and consultation can have you back on the road or in the garage before you know it.