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Blast Off!

Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, when it comes to automotive rebuilding or refinishing projects, you will likely encounter the need for top-quality sandblasters. Take a trip to your neighborhood AutoZone and ask our expert staff about our selection of the best sandblasters for cars and trucks to fit the requirements of your projects. We are happy to help blast away any confusion and get you back to fixing up your prized vehicles.

A Quick Fix

Sometimes, you may come across repair work or maintenance projects that need a little more tough love than the average cleaning products can provide. If you are faced with rust, oxidation or stubborn paint, choose a sandblaster to remove the unwanted grime and particles with ease. Modern sandblasters are designed to only eliminate what you need to take off, without the substructure of the material being harmed.

A Simple Process

At its heart, sandblasting is not a complex task. A nozzle attached to compressed air removes the unwanted materials with a stream of abrasive particles. It can be a great idea to invest in a tabletop blasting cabinet to use the sandblaster in, so you can minimize the spread of particles throughout your workspace. Since you will be creating a dusty and gritty atmosphere, it is a smart idea to wear protective gear when sandblasting. Wear sturdy gloves, a thick apron, safety glasses, a dust mask and ear protectors.

A Wide Variety

When it comes to sandblasting, you have a range of options to choose from regarding the type of materials you use to blast. Despite the name, sand is not usually recommended because it can create a harmful breathing environment. Instead, you can choose from aluminum oxide, glass beads, plastic beads and walnut shells to blast your car or truck parts. Aluminum oxide is the most heavy-duty material, but it can remove shine from metal. Walnut shells are inexpensive, yet they cannot be reused. Stop by your local AutoZone and our knowledgeable staff can advise which material would be right for your project. We can also recommend the lowest prices on sandblasters, so you can get a great deal.

The AutoZone Way

Many people question “Where are sandblasters near me?” Conveniently, there are more than 5,000 AutoZone locations in the United States, so you are likely to have a store full of experienced and friendly employees ready to help. Our website and mobile app also make shopping convenient, but we also have a toll-free number to call if you prefer to speak over the phone with a representative. Our focus on quality products at great prices means that you can drive home to your DIY project with not only the right sandblaster, but also tips on how to use it well.