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Metra Antenna Mast RMSB
Notes: ANTENNA Works; 31"/79cm 1-Section; Black Spiral Mast; Japanese thread mast.
Metra Antenna Mast SSRM31
Notes: ANTENNAWorks; 31"/79cm 1-Section; stainless steel
Dorman Antenna Mast 76013
  • Part # 76013
  • Warranty: 
Notes: With RPO code UE1 communication system; GPS 1 OnStar; Twist lock design
URO Antenna Mast TY133888
  • Part # TY133888
  • Warranty: 
Notes: Coupe or Sedan. Built to 07/1996. With power antenna
URO Antenna Mast URO-012680
Notes: Has M6 thread. Only for cars with navigation system S606A, S609A or S6UMA, mobile phone prep S644A or S6NEA, or satellite radio S655A or S693A
URO Antenna Mast TY133886
  • Part # TY133886
  • Warranty: 
Notes: Built from 08/1994.
URO Antenna Mast URO-004820
  • Part # URO-004820
  • Warranty: 
Notes: 900mm toothed chrome tip
URO Antenna Mast URO-004831
  • Part # URO-004831
  • Warranty: 
Application: With 2.0L engine
Notes: Convertible. Viggen model. Black. For Saab factory antenna


Antenna Mast

Form and Function
The antenna mast is the most visible part of the antenna on a car or truck. Many cars come with masts that can be replaced with vehicle specific or universal parts. Choose from the best antenna masts for cars and trucks from respected brands such as Dorman, Metra and URO.

We also carry universal mast designs that may work in place of an OEM mast. An adapter, harness or specialized cables may be necessary to connect any aftermarket or universal antenna components to factory parts. If you need to replace a broken mast or are installing an aftermarket antenna kit, we can help you make sure that you have all of the parts necessary for your vehicle to receive radio signals.

Vehicle Specific Antenna Masts
If you are looking for a mast compatible with a particular make and model of vehicle, you should provide the specifications of a car or truck. Input the year, make and model of your vehicle into our search tool to narrow down the items you see when browsing or searching our inventory online to parts with the right fit. You can also use these specifications when searching for antenna masts near me.

Be sure to factor in the length of the mast you are considering, as it may change the profile or clearance of your vehicle. The vast majority of cars and trucks have a designated location for installing an antenna mast. There may be a pillar mount or socket into which you can insert a replacement mast. If you have chosen to relocate the antenna in your vehicle, you may have to drill a hole, run cables and install an aftermarket base, mount or bezel. Consult with a customer service agent online or in store about the fit of any part.

Universal Antenna Masts
If you cannot find a precise match when shopping for a replacement antenna mast for your vehicle, you may want to consider a universal part. URO makes several styles of universal masts that can be used on almost any vehicle. Achieving the right fit could require specialized components such as cables or adapters as well as a base, bezel or mount to secure the mast and prevent water from entering the vehicle body or interior around an antenna.

More Antenna Parts for Less
We offer the lowest prices on antenna masts and components such as adapters, cables, base covers, bezels and retainers. You can find everything you need to connect an OEM radio to a factory antenna or an aftermarket stereo to an OEM antenna. You can also find solutions for hooking up an FM modulator. Whether you are looking for a replacement mast or an aftermarket antenna kit, AutoZone sells the best parts at competitive prices.