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Get an exact fit for your Dodge Ram 1500

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1-16 of 16 Results


      Dodge Ram 1500 Antifreeze & Coolant

      Your Dodge Ram 1500 has been performing perfectly over the years, however, it's not going to last forever. Cooling systems can experience a whole host of issues from leaks and part failures to corrosion and clogs, not to mention routine maintenance requirements. Operating your Ram 1500 with low or old coolant can lead to costly damage, and it might mean you don't trust your truck anymore. Luckily, you can keep your truck running at its best using antifreeze from trusted brands, available at AutoZone.

      Depending on your vehicle's specifics, the antifreeze for your Dodge Ram 1500 needs to be changed every three to five years, or between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. But not all coolant formulas are the same, so how do you choose? When changing the coolant, you'll need a formula suited for your truck to prevent unwanted chemical reactions and corrosion inside the system. Whether your Dodge Ram 1500 antifreeze color is orange, purple, or green, we make it simple to select the right type for your truck.

      Discover AutoZone's selection of parts for your truck, ranging from brakes and batteries to wiper blades and antifreeze for your Dodge Ram 1500. With options like Free Same Day Pickup on eligible orders, you'll be back in business faster than you thought possible.