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    1-24 of 3891 Results

    About Alternator

    Find an alternator that fits your car and delivers the same performance as original equipment, or better. We carry long lasting replacements, like Duralast Gold alternators that come with a Limited-Lifetime Warranty. Buy online and pick up your purchase in a store near you today, or get Free Next Day Delivery on qualifying purchases.

    What is an Alternator?

    Put most simply, it charges your battery. It does this by converting mechanical energy from the rotation of the engine's crankshaft into electrical energy while the engine is running. The mechanical energy is transmitted by the serpentine belt. It generates this electrical energy using a stator, rotor, bridge rectifier, and voltage regulator. These generate alternating current, which is converted to direct current using alternator diodes. We have an article that describes how an alternator works if you're interested in learning more about how these parts work.

    Signs of a Bad Alternator

    This part can go out with little to no warning, but there are often some signs that a worn or overworked alternator is on the way out.

    These signs include dim or flickering headlights or interior dash lights, the Check Engine Light, a dead battery, and other electrical issues, especially issues with electrical accessories. Learn more about bad alternator symptoms.

    If you experience these issues, you can open the hood to visually inspect the alternator for common problems or bring it in to AutoZone for testing. You can even test the alternator with a multimeter. While this is not as precise as our dedicated testing equipment, it can help you when diagnosing a car that won't start at home.

    Importance of Replacing Worn Alternators

    This part needs to function properly to keep your battery charged. This means you could find yourself stranded once your car uses the remaining battery charge if it is not working.

    As an essential part of your vehicle's electrical system, it is wise to check the components of this critical part for any damage. If you suspect the alternator is worn out, do not hesitate to visit an AutoZone to test.

    The Parts You Need, When You Need Them

    The first step to replacing an alternator is finding a satisfactory replacement. We carry replacement parts from top brands with top notch warranties, and we make finding the right part easy. Add your vehicle's year, make, model, and engine at the top of this page and we will only show you parts that fit your car. Get them fast with Free Next Day Delivery or Same Day Pick Up at a store near you.