Alternator Bearing

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    1-24 of 64 Results

    About Alternator Bearing

    How Alternator Bearings Work

    Needle bearings are alternator components that make it possible for the rotor to spin inside the stator. These components enable the alternator to generate electricity and sustain a battery charge. Faulty bearings may not allow the rotor to spin, and the bearings may emit squeaking or grinding sounds. This can ultimately result in alternator failure and a drained battery. AutoZone has the lowest prices on alternator bearings from Duralast and National.

    If you suspect that the alternator bearings in your vehicle are faulty, locate and remove the fan belt when the engine is not running. Turn the alternator with your hands and check for a rough feel or squeaking noises. You can also push on the fan, as this belt should not move if the bearings are viable.

    Find the Right Replacement Bearing

    We make it easy to get replacement alternator bearings that fit your vehicle. Enter the year, make, model and engine type of your car or truck into our online finding aid for vehicle specific parts. This can single out parts with a design and measurements that fit your vehicle out of dozens of alternator bearings in our inventory.

    You should also check the application and notes on bearings. Some bearings are designed for installation on the drive end while others are made to fit the commutator end. If conditions in the alternator are not ideal due to high temperatures or the accumulation of debris, the new bearings you install may be more likely to fail prematurely.

    Low Prices on Alternator Parts

    AutoZone has low prices on alternator bearings and a wide selection of other electrical components for the alternator and battery. You can in store or order online for in store pick up or home delivery. Some alternator bearings and other parts are eligible for next day shipping. It is also easy to find out whether an alternator bearing or another vehicle specific part is currently in stock at the closest store location. Search for alternator bearings near me to see whether you can simply pick up the parts you need.

    Maintain Vehicle Electrical Systems

    A working alternator is essential for supporting the battery and the electrical charging systems in any car or truck. We sell replacement alternators and a wide range of components to keep these mechanisms operating, such as bearings, brushes, bushings, diodes, pulleys, resistors and spacers. We also carry a wide selection of voltage regulators.

    AutoZone makes it easy to find the best alternator bearings for cars and trucks. Many of the parts we sell come with a one year warranty. If alternator bearing failure has resulted in larger problems, we are your one-stop shop for alternators and alternator parts, replacement batteries, starting system components and many other electrical parts.