Alternator Bushing

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    1-3 of 3 Results

    About Alternator Bushing

    Adjust an Alternator Mount

    An improperly mounted alternator may make noises or be unreliable. Replacing worn or damaged alternator bushings can help the alternator in your car or truck run more quietly. AutoZone has the lowest prices on alternator bushings from trusted brands such as ACDelco and Dorman. Enter the year, make and model of your vehicle to find the right bushings.

    Silence Vibration Sounds

    Various alternator components may cause different types of noises. Damaged or worn bushings tend to produce vibration sounds due to a failure to stabilize the alternator. The best time to replace alternator bushings is when you are doing other repairs on this important power generating system. You may need to disconnect cables by pressing down on the latch clip on the voltage regulator connector, loosening the locknut to the battery cable and removing the ring terminal.

    If you are replacing your alternator when installing bushings, you may also need to remove the belt and retaining bolts. Once all of these components have been removed, you can take out an old, faulty alternator and install a new part. Bushings may help to prolong the life of an older alternator that is still working or a new installation.

    Get the Right Parts

    It is important to ensure that any alternator parts you buy are designed for your vehicle. This applies to components from bearings, brushes and bushings to diodes, pulleys, resistors and spacers. Search for alternator bushings near me to find out whether the parts you need for your make and year model of vehicle are in stock at the closest AutoZone store location. If the part you need is not currently in stock, you can order bushings online for in store pickup or home delivery. We offer delivery as soon as the next day to ensure that you quickly receive everything you need to complete alternator repairs.

    Save On Alternator Repairs

    A replacement alternator can be relatively costly, but AutoZone has the lowest prices on parts by the leading brands. If a repair or rebuild only requires alternator components, the cost may be significantly lower. Alternator repairs or replacement are more affordable when you do these tasks yourself. It does not take long to remove an alternator, but specialized repairs may take more time.

    Alternator bushings help to ensure that an alternator runs smoothly without excessive vibration. In addition to choosing the right part for your vehicle make and model, you should also confirm the material of any bushings you buy. We carry rubber and brass bushings. If you have questions about which bushings are the best for your vehicle, ask a customer service agent online or in store. Browse or search our large parts inventory to find the best alternator bushings for cars and trucks.