Alternator Diode

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    About Alternator Diode

    What Are Alternator Diodes?

    The rectifier in an alternator relies on diodes to convert the alternating current produced by the alternator into direct current. The alternator is driven by the engine, which rotates a permanently magnetized rotor. Diodes are designed to rectify current by rotating. The battery and other electrical systems depend on a rectifier and diodes to generate the current necessary for safe operation. You can find the best alternator diodes for cars and trucks when you shop online or in store at AutoZone.

    Causes of Diode Failure

    Diodes in the rectifier assembly of an alternator may fail by either opening or shorting. A diode that opens may lose some output, but does not pose a major power rectification problem. Shorted diodes can eventually cause issues that make it necessary to rebuild or replace an alternator. Diodes are among the most common alternator components to fail.

    A heavy charging load may cause diodes to become hot and burn out. The charging output of an alternator may become limited as one or more diodes shorts out. Diode failure can lead to an inability to maintain a battery charge and issues with other alternator components that require repair or replacement.

    Vehicle Specific Replacements

    Alternator diodes are vehicle specific parts. You should provide the specifications of your vehicle including the year, make and model to narrow down available items to parts that should fit your car or truck. There are a number of different diode designs, some of which include a rectifier assembly or bridge. Make sure that the parts you are considering work in the alternator in your vehicle.

    Diodes range in price depending on connected components and amperage ratings. If you are looking for alternator diodes near me, you may want to confirm that the right replacement parts are in stock at the closest AutoZone location. Ask a customer service agent online or in store about diodes or other alternator parts.

    Pay Less for Alternator Parts

    The cost of replacing an alternator and various internal components can be considerable. The price of diodes varies depending on the design and any attached components such as an assembly or bridge. Compare the prices of parts that fit your vehicle to determine the most cost-effective components for resolving any power generation problems.

    AutoZone has the lowest prices on alternator diodes and other components such as bearings, bushings, brushes and pulleys. You can choose from a variety of Duralast diodes and other parts sold by top brands such as ACDelco, Dorman and National. If the diodes in your vehicle have short-circuited or opened, it may be necessary to replace these parts and other alternator components or rebuild this system. We make it easy to find all of the parts you need for alternator repairs.