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      Alternator Pulley

      What Your Alternator Needs to Pull Its Weight

      The main function of your vehicle's alternator is to provide the electricity necessary to charge your battery while the engine is running. There are many necessary alternator components that work together to create electricity charge your battery properly without allowing the voltage to get too high or overheat. One part that is essential in this process is the alternator pulley. This important piece of automotive equipment serves the main purpose of transferring power from the engine to other parts of your car by allowing the alternator to be turned by the belt system. If your alternator's pulley fails, you will likely notice strange noises coming from the alternator and will need to replace it. It is also recommended that you replace the alternator pulley anytime you install a new alternator. You'll have no problem finding a pulley at AutoZone since we carry the best alternator pulleys for cars and trucks. Check out our large inventory of pulleys and get your vehicle running smoothly in no time.

      Types of Pulley

      If you experience any issues with your alternator pulley, AutoZone offers the lowest prices on alternator pulleys of all types. There are several types of alternator pulleys that your car might be equipped with. Before 1997, it was standard for vehicles to use the solid alternator pulley which served only one purpose of allowing the alternator to be turned by the belt. These types of pulleys are unlikely to fail but can become rusted or worn over time. The overrunning alternator pulley (OAP) came after which added the additional function of allowing the alternator to freewheel when decelerating through the use of a one-way clutch. The OAP was followed by the overrunning alternator decoupler pulley (OAD), which includes both a one-way clutch and an internal torsion spring to help absorb shock and reduce vibration. However, an OAP or OAD can fail if the clutch or spring fails.

      Choosing the Right Type of Pulley

      Knowing which type of alternator pulley you should get to replace your own can be hard to figure out on your own. You will need to first determine the type of alternator pulley your vehicle uses and find a part that is the right size for your vehicle. You can search our inventory online for a pulley that fits your specific car or truck by searching for “alternator pulleys near me.” You can then enter your vehicle's information and see a list of parts that will fit. If you're struggling to find the right part or don't which one to pick, don't hesitate to visit an AutoZone shop near you. Our team of AutoZoners are experts when it comes to automotive parts and will make sure you leave with the best part possible.