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    1-24 of 58 Results

    About Alternator - Universal

    Constant Motion

    The best universal alternators for cars and trucks work the existing motor to keep the engine running. The alternator powers the battery and must constantly run to continue to generate power and recharge the car's battery. An efficient alternator requires less energy for its constant motion. Not only do they keep the battery charged, the alternator can generate extra electricity to power additional devices using power inside the vehicle. The right alternator can do it all with maximum efficiency. The alternator uses a variety of components such as diodes, brushes, armatures, stators, solenoids and rotors. When everything works together, the alternator operates at peak efficiency delivering max electrical power to the vehicle. Alternators use one to three wires to connect to the remaining engine parts. They are available in shiny chrome or dull metal depending on the look you want to achieve. An all chrome engine definitely needs a shiny chrome alternator to complete the look.

    Free Check

    To find universal alternators near me, pop into your local AutoZone auto parts store for a great selection and fantastic prices. A staff member can check the status of your alternator to see if you need a new one much like they can check your battery. Eventually the constant motion causes the various parts of the alternator to fail. When it fails, it is time for a replacement. Another thing to consider is if you plan to use a lot of additional electronic devices in the car, you need a powerful alternator to power everything effectively. A larger alternator is able to produce more power. To replace your alternator, you can choose a universal alternator, brand new OEM specific alternator or a remanufactured alternator. Remanufactured alternators use new parts where it counts such as the brushes but purchasing them can save you some money. Universal alternators are made with all new parts or remanufactured.

    Universal Application

    Visit AutoZone for the lowest prices on universal alternators in your city. Unlike an OEM specific alternator, a universal alternator works on a variety of vehicle engines. The universal alternators are designed to meet or exceed the recommended engine specifications. A core charge is taken anytime you purchase an alternator from AutoZone. Simply return the old alternator and you receive the core charge back. Core charges are taken for several parts that can be remanufactured including brake calipers and water pumps. The core charge is similar to a deposit. No core charge is taken if you have the old part ready to turn in at the time of purchase. These parts at minimum can be recycled keeping them and the hazardous fluids within them out of landfills. Not all parts can be remanufactured such as those that have been in a fire. AutoZone helps you maintain and repair your vehicle while working to protect the environment.