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1-24 of 76 Results

1-24 of 76 Results


      Bosch Alternator

      Your car has electronics throughout including control modules, switches, the radio, AC, and even the gauges. It needs a constant source of electricity, and the alternator is the main source of power for electrical items. A problem with the alternator can leave you stranded and in need of help, but it can be replaced rather quickly when symptoms show up. For reliability, choose a Bosch alternator, available from AutoZone.

      It's commonly believed that a battery is the power supply for vehicle electronics. However, when the engine is running, it's primarily the alternator that delivers electricity to make everything work. It converts the engine's rotational force into an electrical charge that can replenish the battery and provide power for your systems simultaneously. Bosch alternators are for that purpose, offering replacements for almost any make and model.

      Why Choose a Bosch Alternator

      Some of the best alternators and charging systems parts are from Bosch. They're designed to be direct-fit for OEM replacements and have been factory tested to ensure the highest quality possible. Along with these long-lasting parts, you'll get 2-year, 24-hour roadside assistance from the Bosch Ultimate Protection Plan, showing that this brand stands behind their products. You'll find all the parts you need to repair and maintain your vehicle at AutoZone, battery and charging system parts included. Select from popular brands like Bosch and get them as quickly as possible with options like Same-Day In-Store Pickup or Free Next-Day Delivery on eligible orders.