Jeep Cherokee Alternator

Don't let a weak battery leave you stranded on your next adventure. If you've noticed that your car is struggling to start or if the battery light is on, or if you're hearing the telltale whining noise under the hood, it might be time to replace your Jeep Cherokee's alternator. At AutoZone, we stock high-quality alternators specifically designed for the SUV you drive, ensuring you can continue your journey without a hiccup.

The alternator is responsible for charging the battery and supplying power to the electrical accessories while the engine is running, and it has an average lifespan of seven to ten years. However, unexpected faults can happen at any time. By replacing the alternator for your in a timely manner, you can prevent frustrating breakdowns. A proper fit is crucial, and only the exact wiring connectors and mounting locations will let you install it. If you want peace of mind for your part selection, our in-store associates can help.

Shop top brands like Duralast Gold at AutoZone, whether you need a new alternator or any other parts to repair or maintain your vehicle. Free Same Day Pickup means you can quickly get your Jeep Cherokee alternator replacement and get back to exploring the great outdoors.
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1-24 of 53 Results

    1-24 of 53 Results



    Reviews for

    Exact replacement-OEM quality


    in a year

    1996 Jeep Cherokee Country. Due to Jeeps alternator position, this is not as easy to replace as a Ford or Chevrolet, however the replacement part is an exact fit and is functioning correctly. Not a simple "one-wire" system, but allowing a couple of hours it is not difficult. Brighter headlights, quicker starting and more power. Great product.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 1996 Jeep Cherokee Country

    Reviews for

    Exact fit/easy installation


    in 2 years

    The one best thing I liked was that the alternator was exact measurements, identical to my original one. This was a remanufactured alternator but it looked like it came from the factory. The last thing that was great is they had it in stock.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 1996 Jeep Cherokee sport 4x4

    Reviews for

    Make sure you know the make and model of your car.


    in 3 years

    I like the fact that I had help,purchasing the right part from the attendant.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee