Lexus LS400 Alternator

Experiencing a warning light on your dash, particularly the battery light, can put the most carefree driver on edge. When it's accompanied by other symptoms, from a whining noise under the hood to a dead battery, it can undermine your faith in your vehicle's dependability, and it can indicate a need for a new Lexus LS400 alternator. Thankfully, at AutoZone, the parts you need for the repair are on hand including a new alternator from trusted brands like Duralast Gold.

Although the occasional one will last a vehicle's lifetime, most alternators need to be changed at approximately eight years old. When choosing an alternator, fitment is crucial. The new alternator for your Lexus LS400 should not just look the same, but the amperage, connections, and rotation need to match. No matter what year your car is, both remanufactured and new options are available. Need help finding the right fit? Our in-store associates are always willing to assist.

At AutoZone, explore the best parts for your vehicle to keep it properly repaired and maintained at all times, including fluids and filters as well as parts like your alternator. Get your Lexus LS400 alternator replacement and any other parts in your order delivered straight to your door with Same Day Delivery so you can get back to normal, worry-free driving once again.
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    1-8 of 8 Results

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