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1-24 of 271 Results


Volkswagen Alternator

Your Volkswagen vehicle runs smoothly in part thanks to its alternator. The alternator generates AC electricity then transforms it into DC electricity and provides it to various systems like the headlights, dashboard lights, and more. If your Volkswagen is having electrical issues of some sort, you might need a new alternator. Check out AutoZone's selection of Volkswagen alternators and charging system parts today from top brands like Duralast and Valucraft.

When to Change Your Alternator

You can tell that it's time to look for new Volkswagen alternators when you notice signs like a burning smell coming from the engine, especially burning rubber or wires. However, failing alternators c an demonstrate other signs like flickering headlights or dashboard lights, as well as difficulty starting your Volkswagen vehicle. If your battery is dead, you should check the alternator before assuming the battery need to be replaced.

How to Replace a Volkswagen Alternator

You can replace any standard Volkswagen alternator by first disconnecting the negative battery cable, then remove electrical connections and related components like the drive belt and electrical plug pigtail connector. When the alternator is isolated, unbolt it from the mount and replace it with an identical model. Then, just be sure to reverse your steps and replace the drive belt and electrical connections.

You can find the right Volkswagen alternator for your needs by filtering through AutoZone's parts by year, make, model, and engine size. Then simply pick up your part with Same-Day In-Store or Curbside Pickup or choose Free Next-Day Delivery on eligible orders.