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Volvo Alternator

Under the hood of your Volvo, an alternator is driven by a belt in order to generate electricity your vehicle needs. It uses this power to recharge the battery as well as operate the electrical systems inside your car. Although it's designed to last for many years, an alternator can quit working or produce less power than it should. If that happens to you, you'll need to change the alternator, but luckily, AutoZone has Volvo alternators to fit any year and model.

When to Change Your Alternator

Usually, you'll get around seven years or so before the alternator show signs of wear or failure. Common signs alternator problems include slow engine cranking, a dead battery, flickering or dim headlights and interior lights, intermittent electrical operations, a battery light on the dash, and even a check engine light. If it quits while you're driving, your vehicle may eventually stall.

Replacing a Volvo Alternator

For a DIYer, replacing a Volvo alternator will take an hour or two and parts can range in price up to several hundred dollars. To change it, remove the serpentine belt after disconnecting the battery. Remove the wiring from the back of the alternator and unbolt the failed part, then install the new one in reverse order.

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