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Duralast Platinum AGM Auxiliary Battery BCI Group Size 400 200 CCA AUX14

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Part # AUX14
SKU # 755654
Price Not Available
Part #
Negative Terminal Location
Top Right
Reserve Capacity
Amp Hour Capacity at 20 Hours
Terminal Type
Type Aux
BCI Group Size
Cranking Amperage
Duralast Platinum AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Batteries are designed to give you the ultimate combination of power, durability, and flexibility. These batteries are engineered to meet or exceed the performance of your original AGM battery. Delivering maximum cold cranking amps and reserve capacity, Duralast Platinum AGM batteries provide increased, spill-proof power to vehicles with multiple electronic features and accessories like cruise control, lane assist, infotainment systems, and heated seats. In vehicles designed for AGM Automotive batteries, Duralast Platinum AGM Batteries meet or exceed your original equipment for premium performance and are backed by a 3-year, free replacement, nationwide warranty.
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    Up to 2 times the cycle life of conventional batteries
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    Leak proof and certified non-spillable design for safer maintenance-free power
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    Cycles more and recharges faster than conventional batteries
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    Advanced technology specially designed for vehicles with start-stop technology and accessories that demand greater power
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    Constructed for greater vibration resistance and enhanced durability
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    Delivers superior starting power in cold weather and resists internal corrosion from heat