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1-13 of 13 Results


      Battery Box and Installation Kit

      Contain Hydrogen

      The best battery box and installation kits for cars and trucks keep your battery stable. Battery boxes are essential for installing auxiliary batteries in your vehicle, boat or RV. Batteries give off gas especially hydrogen. Large boating vessels for commercial use need to have a battery box to comply with MCA rules. Proper ventilation allows the hydrogen molecules to vent avoiding an explosive buildup of the lighter than air element. When used near a combustion engine, hydrogen buildup can be especially dangerous if not properly vented. Diesel engines that ingest the hydrogen gas can go boom. Safely ventilate the battery by containing it in a battery box with vents leading to the outside to avoid potential problems. Batteries help you power your vessels, lights and other equipment regardless of the type of vehicle. Use a battery box for safety.

      Avoid Spills

      Finding battery box and installation kits near me helps you replace a broken battery box. The purpose isn't only to contain the gases that the battery gives off, but the box is essential for containing any spills of the battery acid. Batteries contain harmful chemicals both to the environment and to humans. When the battery leaks, having a box to contain them keeps those harmful liquids out of the water supply. The battery boxes keep the battery from jostling around, coming loose and disconnecting. When the power supply disconnects, everything shuts down making for a mad rush to fix the issue. Prevent the issue to begin with by properly containing the vehicle's battery in an appropriately vented box that is securely strapped down. The type of battery box you need depends on whether it is used on a water or land.

      Battery Replacement

      Get the lowest prices on battery box and installation kits at AutoZone. Adding a battery box to your commercial marine vessel ensures you pass the MCA check. The boxes are simple to install. Replace a leaking or failing battery as soon as possible to avoid being stranded. Find the best battery brands at any of our stores. Our helpful staff can even help you replace it. Replacing both the battery and the battery box when the battery leaks is a good idea to avoid breathing in dangerous chemicals that may enter the cabin through the air vents. Over time, batteries lose their charge and don't recharge any longer. Most batteries come with a warranty lasting from two to five years. Batteries are recyclable and thus subject to a core charge which is similar to a deposit. Either replace the battery at the store and swap them out right there or bring in the old battery once you've replaced it for your money back. Ensure you have safe driving whether that is on a boat, RV or in your favorite car by using a battery box.