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    1-17 of 17 Results

    About Battery Cable and Lug

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    A high-quality battery cable is essential for ensuring that the electrical systems in a car or truck function as intended. If this component becomes corroded or the connection does not allow for conduction, a vehicle may not start or could suddenly lose electrical power. You should replace faulty cables and lugs to ensure that a car or truck battery can sustain critical systems. AutoZone carries the best battery cables for cars and trucks from leading brands such as Duralast, Lynx and Deka.

    Find the Right Fit

    Battery cables and lugs are vehicle specific parts. Enter the specifications of your car or truck including make, model and year to narrow down search results to the right parts. You can purchase cables or buy lugs separately in any quantity. Be sure to check the part number and fit of cables or lugs to purchase parts that will work for your repairs. Reviews from other customers can also provide helpful insight into the quality or fit conditions of cable designs or lug materials.

    For battery cables, the length, conductor count and connector style should correspond to the battery design of your vehicle. Cable is available in lengths up to 25 feet. You should check the conductor and insulation material and voltage rating of any cable. Lugs are distinguished by connector style and the size of gauge barrel and stud hole. Lugs are often made of copper on account of the conductivity of this metal. These components can be crimped or soldered to form electrical connections or stacked to make it possible to connect additional cables to a stud terminal. Some lugs are shaped in ways that make it easier to connect cables.

    Get the Parts You Need

    When you need to replace the battery cable and lugs in your vehicle, it is helpful to receive the exact parts you need as quickly as possible. You can search for battery lugs near me to locate items in stock at the closest AutoZone location. This feature makes it easy to arrange pick up parts in store. It is also possible to have cables and lugs shipped directly to your home as soon as the next day. These options for in store pickup and fast shipping make it simple to switch out faulty electrical parts and get back behind the wheel.

    Low Parts Prices

    AutoZone can help you find all of the parts you need to replace malfunctioning or worn components. Browse or search our online store to find parts that fit your vehicle and compare components to get the lowest prices on battery cables and lugs. Enter the specifications of a car or truck into our search tool or ask an associate about battery cables and lugs in store or online.