Battery Cable Cover

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    1-1 of 1 Results

    About Battery Cable Cover

    Preventing Electrical Accidents

    At some point during your vehicle's life, you'll probably find yourself taking out its battery at least a couple of times. However, when you handle such a component with such a strong electrical current it is a good idea to take every precaution. That is where a battery cable cover can help. Its material is built to prevent sparks and dangerous arcing between different cables. Thankfully, AutoZone's catalog contains the best battery cable covers for cars and trucks in comparison to its competitors. Our great prices and fantastic customer care make us the right choice for your battery needs.

    A Smart Part

    Disconnecting a battery is a delicate process. Both positive and negative cables contain plenty of energy. However, you may get distracted or caught up in another part of your car maintenance while both cables get closer and closer. If they get close enough, then you can experience arcing in your engine. Arcing is an electrical discharge between two items. This arcing can cause a dangerous spark or even create damage in your engine. Meanwhile, a battery cable cover shields these cables and prevents them from making contact with any other conductor. These wrap around your terminal with a secure hook so you can work on your battery with a peace of mind.

    Covers Worth the AutoZone Name

    The battery cable covers in AutoZone's catalog are made from high-quality vinyl. Vinyl is known as a great insulator so you can trust that your cables are safe from electrical discharge. This shield stops your entire car's electrical system from witnessing dangerous damage. Its great material also means it can last you for plenty of repairs. With AutoZone's great covers, you can save yourself from costly and time-consuming repairs. In fact, we have some of the lowest prices on battery cable covers in the industry. Prices like ours let you care for your vehicle with premium-level parts without having to empty our your bank account. Start shopping with us to obtain parts that are worthy of your vehicle.

    Customer Service Like No Other

    Along with durable and affordable parts, you'll also find stellar customer care at every AutoZone establishment. We place our customers at the forefront of our list. That is why our employees are well-versed in everything automotive so you can get the right information for your make and model. AutoZone's team is ready to help you with whatever you need. If you need help looking through your car's manual or searching for the best accessories, our employees have what it takes to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible. You can experience this service for yourself by looking up “battery cable covers near me” online. You'll likely find a convenient location close by. Want to save time? Search through our extensive online shop today, and get your part at your doorstep fast!