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1-7 of 7 Results


      Battery Clamp

      Strong Parts at Smart Prices

      No matter how little or how much you drive, your car's battery will eventually run out. Unfortunately for some, this can happen at the worst of times like at a stoplight or in a parking garage. At that point, the only thing you can really do is jumpstart your car. This is where battery clamps come in handy. They are an essential part of this process and having a broken pair can not only prevent you from getting back on the road but also represent an electrical hazard. AutoZone is happy to provide clients with the best battery clamps for cars and trucks.

      What Do Clamps Do?

      No matter if you connecting vehicle to vehicle or vehicle to a charger, you require a secure connection around your battery posts. These are found on top or the side of your battery and contain either a negative or positive charge. Clamps are placed around these terminals to transfer power in a secure form. Their handles are usually made from a vinyl construction which serves as an insulator to prevent the user from being shocked. Handles are also conveniently color-coded for safe use.

      Replacement Parts That Last

      Battery clamps should be in everyone's car emergency kit. That is why AutoZone is more than happy to provide drivers with an assortment of clamps for every vehicle and budget. We supply brands like Associated Equipment, Dorman and Lynx. These clamps are made to last you throughout your battery woes. Their strong spring means they wrap around your battery posts in a secure manner. Our catalog contains both steel and copper plated clamps. Clamps also come in a variety of different sizes for even the biggest battery. Our selection works as a great replacement for your old and worn down components. This part also doesn't come at the expense of your bank account as AutoZone has the lowest prices on battery clamps.

      Service That Stands Out

      One reason that AutoZone has become one of the leading car part providers is because of our commitment to customer care. Our employees place the needs and concerns of your clients above all else. Our employees are also experts in car repair. If you have any question about any part, our team members can help you chose the best one for your vehicle. When you walk into one of our many locations you know you will be walking out with an informed choice thanks to our smart employees. This, alongside our great prices, has made us one of the most trusted and reliable auto part providers in the country. All you have to do is search “battery clamps near me” to find your nearest AutoZone. If you want to save the trip to the store, browse through our great online selection. Improve your vehicle's life today!