Battery Current Control System

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1-1 of 1 Results

Battery Current Control System

AutoZone Has the Best Battery Components 
When your vehicle's battery doesn't work, everything grinds to a halt. Nothing else matters until you restore power and bring your vehicle's systems back to peak performance. The problem's even worse when you're trying to power your vehicle's normal assemblies plus extra equipment such as a winch or auxiliary lighting. Fortunately, AutoZone's got you covered. We stock the best battery current control systems for cars and trucks sourced from top brands such as Painless and Westin.

How Your Battery Current Control System Works
As it's typically made, a vehicle battery can handle the standard current requirements to power the starter, alternator and other key systems such as climate control. With a truck or off-road model such as a Jeep, you need a finely tuned power system to operate other accessories installed onto the vehicle. That's where a battery current control system comes into the picture. Designed to accommodate a concurrently installed second battery, a control system allows the driver to control power usage by auxiliary systems that depend on the second battery. That's especially important, considering that winches and other accessories often rely on marine-quality power cells to operate. For winches, the common battery power recommendation is between 440 and 660 cold cranking amps. 

Keep Your Wheels Rolling
Whether you're newly installing your auxiliary accessories or need a replacement current control, you searched for “battery current control systems near me” and ended up at AutoZone. You already recognize us as America's leading retailer of auto parts and accessories, so you know you can find a quality current control assembly in our online store. Our inventory includes superior-grade products like the Painless Wiring Battery Current Control System. Offering dependable dual battery control, this product is weatherproof and handles a capacity of 250 amps. With simplified operation of a three-position switch to govern second power cell usage, operating a winch or auxiliary lighting truly becomes painless. We also stock the Westin T-Max control system, rated at 250 amps and built with a low voltage regulator and a manual override feature.

Get in the Zone With AutoZone 
Congratulations! You found the lowest prices on battery current control systems at AutoZone. While you're here, be sure to check out our other accessories perfect for the off-roading enthusiast. We stock light bars, pods, LED strips and more along with tie-downs and cargo management products, hitch and towing accessories, antennae and deflectors. Our inventory also includes winches and winch accessories by Westin, Valmar Marine, Reese Towpower, Mile Marker and other top brands. No matter what you're looking for, we make your shopping experience fast and easy with powerful product search features, multiple shipping options and more. Join our AutoZone Rewards program and start earning savings on future purchases from your very first order.