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1-24 of 24 Results


      Battery Current Sensor

      Your One-Stop Shop for Battery Current Sensors

      Batteries are much more complex than their construction implies. While it's a simple collection of parts delivering power in a fairly straightforward manner, other systems in your automobile are responsible for transferring that power to crucial internal systems. Without a functioning battery current sensor, you lose the ability to properly regulate alternator functioning and risk a complete loss of power. Thankfully, AutoZone stocks the best battery current sensors for cars and trucks priced just right to get you back on the road. Our inventory includes the best sensors sourced from Dorman and TechSmart along with Duralast, our own brand of top-quality replacement components. 

      Why Your Battery Sensor Matters

      All the components inside your vehicle are important to its operation, but its battery is one of the most critical. While the power cell is the basis for supplying electrical charge to its systems, it's the battery current sensor that helps the whole assembly function. The sensor measures current in the negative battery cable, then sends a signal to the powertrain or body control module. Since both modules can use this signal to govern an alternator's charging output, things can go wrong when the battery current sensor stops working. The vehicle doesn't correctly charge and it either generates a diagnostic trouble code or leaves you with a dead battery.

      Don't Pay a Fortune for Your Replacements

      Let's face it. You don't want to pay an arm and a leg for your new battery current sensor. When you searched “battery current sensors near me,” you hoped to find the best quality replacement component at the best possible price. Your quest led you to AutoZone, America's leading auto parts retailer since 1979. Now that you're here, take a look at our selection of gear from Dorman, TechMart and Duralast. All three brands craft dependable replacements that meet or exceed OEM specifications. Even better, you can narrow down your search further by choosing your vehicle's year, make, model and engine type from the drop-down menus at the top of each page. Need your replacements faster? Just look for the “Free Next-Day Shipping” label on select products throughout our inventory. Save money with our everyday great deals, designed to help you make your repairs without cleaning out your bank account.

      Count on the Pros at AutoZone

      Sure, you've found the lowest prices on battery current sensors at AutoZone. Yet we're not only known for our huge selection and great prices. We're also America's top destination for automotive know-how, thanks to our helpful and knowledgeable AutoZoners at every location. Whenever you need help, just stop in at your friendly neighborhood store for expert guidance. For online help, check out our troubleshooting guide, repair help and trustworthy advice links at the bottom of each page.