Battery Fuse

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    1-24 of 26 Results

    About Battery Fuse

    The Heart of Your Vehicle

    Much like the heart is necessary to sustain life, your car cannot function without a battery. Responsible for powering your car's electrical system, issues with your car's battery can leave you stranded with a vehicle that won't start. From headlights left on after the engine is turned off to low battery fluid, there are many potential causes for battery problems. Since a car battery typically has a lifespan of three to five years, some issues require you to replace the battery while other issues can be addressed on their own. A common, easy fix you might need to make at some point is replacing a blown battery fuse. AutoZone has all the parts you need to address issues with your battery, including the best battery fuses for cars and trucks.

    Signs of a Bad Fuse

    Your vehicle has many fuses with the main purpose of stopping electronic currents from being overloaded. A fuse will blow to prevent damage to your car's wiring and components if faced with a current that exceeds its amperage rating. You can often tell when a fuse has blown because accessories in your car, such as your power windows, interior lights, radio, or turn signals, will stop functioning. In some situations, a car that won't start might be caused by a blown fuse. If you discover a broken fuse in your vehicle, you will need to replace the fuse in order to restore function to whatever part of your car's electrical system has been affected. Fortunately, replacing a battery fuse isn't typically an expensive or overly time-consuming repair. You can find the lowest prices on battery fuses by shopping at AutoZone.

    Replacing a Battery Fuse

    Replacing a battery fuse in your vehicle is a simple process. Once your car is cooled, you will need to locate your vehicle's battery fuse and identify the broken fuse. Every car is different when it comes to the location of the fuse box, so you can use your car's manual or look for a labeled fuse box under the hood. The manual will also be useful for identifying which fuse you are dealing with, including the main battery fuse. You can then use a plier to pull out the damaged fuse. Once you have your new fuse in hand, simply push it into the new socket and start the engine to make sure it is working.

    Choosing the Correct Battery Fuse

    When replacing a battery fuse, you should find an exact replacement for your vehicle. One way to do this is by taking the damaged fuse with you to your local AutoZone store and allow any of our experts to help you find the correct match. If you already know what fuse you need, take your shopping online and search for “battery fuses near me.” Check out our inventory today to find what you need.