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        Battery Isolator

        Power Your Vehicle

        A battery isolator is an essential part for vehicles that use multiple batteries including RVs, boats, utility vehicles, airplanes, large trucks, and even some cars. These vehicles often require the use of a house battery on top of the main starting battery to power accessories when the vehicle's engine is off, support high-power car stereos, and help carry heavy loads without entirely draining the main battery. If you suspect that your vehicle's battery isolator isn't functioning correctly, you will want to replace it right away to ensure your main battery and supporting house batteries are charged correctly. Shop at AutoZone to find the best battery isolators for cars and trucks or marine and RV applications. With our large selection of automotive parts and affordable pricing, you can find the best gear for all of your vehicle's needs.

        How It Works

        For vehicles that only require the use of one main starting battery, a battery isolator most often isn't needed since the alternator plays the main role of charging the battery and providing power to the vehicle's electrical system. However, when multiple batteries are involved, a battery isolator is needed to manage the charge and use of each battery. Isolators work by allowing an electrical current flow in a single direction and separating batteries from each other so that a backup power source is always available. Battery isolators also play the essential role in making sure the vehicle does not drain two batteries at once, which would cause electrical failure. By identifying the strongest battery and how many other batteries it is connected to, the isolator will draw power from the strongest battery and allow the alternator to charge the other batteries until a change in power source is necessary. Wondering, “Where can I find battery isolators near me?” Head down to AutoZone to find a high-quality isolator today.

        Shop Our Low Prices

        AutoZone has the lowest prices on battery isolators so you can find the best part for your vehicle without having to worry about an unreasonable price tag. If the battery isolator goes out, you will want to replace it right away so you can use your vehicle without worrying about the main battery being drained or the electrical system failing. You can get the part you need today by heading to your local AutoZone and working with our team of experts to locate the best isolator for your needs. Also, shopping for automotive parts is easier than ever with access to our online website and mobile app. Simply start your search for battery isolators and, with a few clicks, find what is available near you. Then you can either have the part delivered straight to your home or pick it up from the nearest store that day.