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        Battery Stud Cap

        Protect and Identify Studs

        Battery stud caps are useful for preventing corrosion or debris from gathering around studs or terminals. Keeping these caps on the battery in your vehicle can help to prolong the life of this component. AutoZone carries the best battery stud caps for cars and trucks in stock from Deka.

        Stud caps are not vehicle specific, but are designed to provide a universal fit for batteries with group 31 over molded cable assemblies and 3/8-inch studs. A red cap is used to designate the positive terminal, whereas a black cap indicates the negative terminal.

        Replace Missing Caps

        Missing battery stud caps can cause these components to wear out more quickly. These caps are useful for keeping out moisture and debris. These durable caps are often made out of PVC, as this material is strong and is not conductive. It may be helpful to leave battery stud caps on until you attach the jumper cables. These red and black caps designate which battery terminal is positive and which terminal is negative.

        These caps may become lost when they are removed to charge or jump a car or truck battery. If you misplace one or both caps during this procedure, you should replace these protective accessories as soon as possible. Driving without battery stud caps may introduce moisture or road debris to battery terminals, resulting in more wear on these parts and potentially shortening the life of a battery.

        You can order a replacement red cap for the positive stud or black cap for the negative stud separately or order both colors of caps. It can also be a good idea to keep an extra set of caps that fit the studs on the battery in your car or truck.

        Find Any Battery Component

        AutoZone has an extensive selection of batteries and related parts such as cables, covers, current sensors, hold downs and terminal components. Search or browse our stock on the online store or look for battery stud caps near me to see which options are available at the closest store location.

        We also offer fast home delivery on many items, and some parts are eligible for next day delivery. It is also possible to order parts and accessories for in store pick up. If you need to replace one or both battery caps, you can also stock up on other automotive accessories, parts and supplies at affordable prices.

        Low Part and Accessory Prices

        You may want to order new battery stud caps when you replace the battery in your car or truck, particularly if these protective components have become cracked, worn or damaged. AutoZone has the lowest prices on battery stud caps by trusted brands. We only sell high-quality caps that are proven to shield battery terminals.